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Keeping neat & tidy isn't just
beauty treatment.
It's about healthy skin & coat.

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Keeping neat & tidy isn't just
beauty treatment.
It's about healthy skin & coat.

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01 Jan (Thursday) | 12 am

Dog Behaviorist - Rita Viel

08 Jun (Saturday) | 2 pm

Come for some PUPPY LOVE!

15 Jun (Saturday) | 3 pm

Dr Ruby Cheng and Pharmacist Polly


Will You Take Me Home?

Meet Asher
Asher, Male

I’m 1 year old and I’m calm and friendly ! I love my meals and all sorts of treats but I know my table manners; such a gentleman! I love to stick around hoomans and getting your attention, so come play with me!

Adopt Me
Meet Amy
Amy, Female

Hi Hoomans! I am 5 months old now and I am looking for an energetic and active best friend to show me around and explore the world! Even though I am very tiny, I enjoy playing with hoomans and other dogges. I love cuddling and giving kisses to show my love. Come say hi and play with me, I am ready to home!

Adopt Me
Meet Ticket
Ticket, Female

I'm a calm and good natured pup who is ready to be your best furriend! I enjoy my daily walks and playtime but can also be your pawsome TV buddy at night! So will you take me with you?

Adopt Me
Meet Dorothy
Dorothy, Female

You may think I'm tiny but I have got a big personality! I enjoy playing with hoomans, my best furriend Chelsea and of course other doggos! Chelsea and I are looking for our perfect playmate, will that be you?

Adopt Me
Meet Blake
Blake, Male

Are you looking for a super friendly and cheerful doggie companion? Look no further! I'm such a happy boy that will for sure melt your heart! I'm ready to go home with you!

Adopt Me
Meet Chelsea
Chelsea, Female

Haro everyone this is Chelsea! I'm only 8 weeks young and am currently staying at WNP with my bff Dorothy. They said I have a very innocent baby face which no one can resist, what'd you say?

Meet Ben
Ben, Male

Woof woof! I'm a 4 months old friendly pup who can't help wagging my tail to every human! Have you noticed a lovely heart shaped marking on me? Humans said I meant to be a special doggie to my future furmily!

Meet Curry
Curry, Female

Hello there! My name is Curry and I'm more than ready to join Spice Girls yayy! I will tell you what I want, what I really really want - a forever HOME!

Meet Minty
Minty, Female

Hello hoomans! Are you looking for a sweet-natured and socialable pup to join your family? Look no further, why don't you come see for yourself? I'm currently staying at WNP homing station, you can come play with me anytime!

Meet Bernard
Bernard, Male

I'm now staying at WNP as a full time doggie guest with my bestie, where we got lots of love and basic training from hoomans here. However, we want nothing more than our very special home. Can you tell your friends about our story and help us find a home?

Meet Rose
Rose, Female

Hello hooman, my sister Pollen and I are waiting for a family of our own! So give us a bark if you are looking for a doggie best friend! Trust me you can hardly find a happy puppy like us!

Meet Pollen
Pollen, Female

Rose and I are two happy yappy sisters! We are now staying at WNP as full time guests where we greet and play with every hooman and doggie! So why don't you come play with us?

Meet Tommy
Tommy, Male

Hello I came to WNP with my good friend Ben! I greet everyone with a big smile and non-stop wagging tail! I heard you are looking for a best doggie friend for life? Hurray! I'm looking for my human best friend too!

Meet Sassy
Sassy, Female

Mirror mirror, who's the most adorable pup? I'm not just cute but friendly and sociable too! Humans at WNP said I'm probably the happiest pup you'll ever meet! So come visit me!

Meet Raven
Raven, Female

I'm a calm, gentle and super friendly 4 months old girl! Hoomans at WNP said I am rare find! Will you be my furriend?

Meet Boomer
Boomer, Male

Haroooo I am a 3 months old boy! They said I'm the the friendliest and cutest pup anyone could ever ask for! Do you agree? Come find out!

Meet Impi
Impi, Female

They say good things come in small packages! I’m a perky yet gentle little fluff ball that just turned 3 months old! I always greet you humans with a non stop tail wag, I’m friendly like that!
I also love giving kisses so don’t be shy and come say hi! Play with me hooman!

Meet Jill
Jill, Female

I just turned 4 months old, and I’m sure you can’t find a pup that is as adorable and sociable as me! I love your cuddles and attention, and yummy treats of course! I enjoy my playtime a lot with dogs, cats and humans! Why don’t you come say hi?

Meet Carla
Carla , Female

Nice to woof you! I’m turning 4 months old very soon and am as sweet as you can imagine! I enjoy your cuddling and petting all day long so come play with me!

Meet Lottie
Lottie , Female

Aroo! I’m a five-month-old mongrel, friendly and sweet, and sometimes eager for affection. I am super comfortable around humans and animals, and I’m ever ready to let my personality shine! So come play with me! I am ready to go to a family of my own!

Meet Misty
Misty, Female

I’m a 2 months old tiny yet courageous and friendly pup! I get along well with cats, and I like greeting you with nonstop tail wag and following you wherever you go! They said I’m a very good girl as I sit patiently while I’m waiting for my dinner!

Meet Dorset
Dorset, Female

I am super sweet and docile for a Doberman and love getting regular pats from humans! I was rescued from a breeder and was nursed back to health by the lovely humans at HKDR! I am now microchipped, vaccinated and heart worm negative (hooray!) If you are patient and have experience with dogs, would you be keen to be my furriend? 

Meet Eugenie & Beatrice
Eugenie & Beatrice, Female

We are both 8 weeks old from a family of 8 saved from AFCD. We are playful and energetic and would love nothing more than to find an athletic owner who are looking for 2 dedicated trail hiking/running companions. If you are patient and positive, we could be your new best friends! Btw, we are told that we will be good size adults. Will you be our human? 

Meet Penny
Penny, Female

Hi hoooman! I am almost 4 months old and I love to nibble on treats all day (if I can) and I play well with humans and furrriends! I am quiet and calm but would totally be up for a play of fetch anytime! Ruf!

Meet Pebble
Pebble , Male

I just turned 4 months old and I love nibbling on treats. I can be quite bashful, but I play well with everybody! Come by and play with me!

Meet Ivory
Ivory , Female

Hello! I am 4 months old now and can’t wait to make more furrriends! I am quiet and gentle, and I play well with other dogs (and hoomans too). I always love a good pat and hug, can’t wait to see you!

Meet Anna
Anna , Female

Haroooo! I just turned 4 months and am looking for an active best friend  I’ve been toilet trained, along with basic paw-manners and socialisation skills! I am out going and fun. I am also friendly with cats and dogs!  Will you take me home?



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