About Grooming

Keeping your dog neat and tidy isn’t just a beauty treatment – it helps him and her maintain a healthy coat and skin too. At Whiskers N Paws, our professional grooming team work to ensure that this important ritual is pleasant and enjoyable for every canine friend. With our state-of-the-art grooming equipment, and custom top-quality grooming products, we lovingly give all our furry clients a grooming that is both stress-free and as it is comprehensive.

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Service Items

Service Mini-groom Full-groom
Thorough brush out
De-shedding to remove loose fur
Double Shampoo Rinse & Conditioning
Nails trimmed and paws cleaned
Ear cleansing & fur removal if necessary
Tooth brushing
Anal gland expressing
Hand fluffing & drying
Coat clipping
Coat Styling to breed standard or your preference
Hand Finishing