Combination ScratcherCombination Scratcher
Incline Cat ScratcherIncline Cat Scratcher
Scratcher Jungle Stripes w/ catnip
Wool Ball Cat Toy, 1.5", Assorted, 1pc
Wool Cat Toy, Aquatic Toy, Assorted, 1pc
Double Cat Scratcher 1x
AFP Jumping Wand
Egg-Cersizer Cat Feeder ToyEgg-Cersizer Cat Feeder Toy
Scratch & Groom
Hammock ScratcherHammock Scratcher
Boogie Mat
PlayCenter, Color: WhitePlayCenter, Color: White
Play Pirates Cannon Tunnel
Scratch, Ramp and Track Cardboard Toy
Scratchy Mat Doorknob Hanger, Regular
Senses Massage Center Box: 1Senses Massage Center Box: 1
Find Me Cat Kitten TunnelFind Me Cat Kitten Tunnel
Fishbowl Cat Feeder ToyFishbowl Cat Feeder Toy
Play Pirates Scratcher, Large
Rainbow Ball Cat Toy, 3 Balls, 1.4"Rainbow Ball Cat Toy, 3 Balls, 1.4"
Catfisher Doorknob Hanger, Regular
Wool Cat Toy, Backyard Toy, Assorted, 1pcWool Cat Toy, Backyard Toy, Assorted, 1pc
Wool Football Cat Toy, 2pcs
Kitty Cuddle Pal: 1Kitty Cuddle Pal: 1
Cat Scratcher w/ Feather Toy Style, Cat Face
Owl Cat Sack Hide & Play, Color: BrownOwl Cat Sack Hide & Play, Color: Brown
Cat Scratcher w/ Catnip, Single
Single Cat Scratcher 1x
Roscoe's Skill Cardboard Scratcher, 17.7" x 9.5"
Play Pirates Scratcher, Small
Sylvester's Interactive Cat Scratcher, White
Peek-a-Prize Cat Toy Box, LargePeek-a-Prize Cat Toy Box, Large

Living in a home environment, cats do not often get the opportunity to engage in their natural behaviours such as hunting and chasing. Help keep their skills sharp by getting them an interactive cat toy!

Stimulate your cat physically and mentally with interactive cat toys

These toys are designed to provide mental stimulation and engage all of your cat’s senses. Let them chase and swat at moving objects, or work out how to get food out of a puzzle toy. Give them a scratcher to work out their paws and stretch out their back and shoulder muscles. Your cat will be entertained for hours, and get great physical and mental exercise. Providing your cat the opportunity to work out their brains will also relieve boredom and stress, and make sure your cat maintains great mental health.

Put your cat’s skills to the test with an interactive toy from Whiskers N Paws!

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