Enzymatic Dog ToothpasteEnzymatic Dog Toothpaste
Finger Toothbrush Glove, 5ctFinger Toothbrush Glove, 5ct
Oral Care Gel with Wild Salmon Oil, 4oz
Oral Care Gel Peppermint, 4oz
Enzymatic Toothpaste For Dog, Flavor Poultry, 2.5oz
Fast and Fresh Dental Wipes, 50 wipes
Natural Toothpaste For Dog, Flavor Peanut Butter, 2.5oz
Vegetarian Toothbrush Dental Treats, 12cts , MediumVegetarian Toothbrush Dental Treats, 12cts , Medium
Dental Kit for Dogs , Peanut Butter Flavour
Oral Care Gel Peppermint, 12oz
Vet'sBest Dental Care KitVet'sBest Dental Care Kit
Fresh Breath Oral Care Gel, 4ozFresh Breath Oral Care Gel, 4oz
Oral Care Spray Peppermint, 12oz
Oral Care Gel with Wild Salmon Oil, 12oz
Fresh Breath Advanced Whitening Gel, 4ozFresh Breath Advanced Whitening Gel, 4oz
ProDental Dog Toothbrush, Color: Green
Fresh Breath Oral Gel Peanut Butter, 2oz
Fresh Breath Oral Gel Vanilla Mint, 2oz
Finger Toothbrush, Regular
Vegetarian Toothbrush Dental Treats, 24cts , SmallVegetarian Toothbrush Dental Treats, 24cts , Small
Vegetarian Toothbrush Dental Treats, 6cts , LargeVegetarian Toothbrush Dental Treats, 6cts , Large
Espree Oral Care 3-in-1 BrushEspree Oral Care 3-in-1 Brush
Oral Care Spray Peppermint, 4oz

Why dental care is important for dogs

Brushing your dog’s teeth will help prevent plaque and tartar buildup, and keep their mouth clean from harmful bacteria. Doggie toothpaste comes in flavours of your dog’s favourite treats, making brushing easier. Introduce dental care to your puppy as soon as possible to get them used to humans handling their mouth. Cooperative care is also a great way to let your dog be involved and in control of the process, making things less stressful for everyone. For brush free options, choose a dental chew designed to clean your dog’s mouth while they enjoy their treat.

Just like brushing, dental chews reduce plaque and tartar, and promote healthy teeth and gums. Regular oral care will keep your doggy’s breath clean and fresh, so you can enjoy those puppy kisses!

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