Whiskers N Paws - Adoption Program

WNP Adoption Program

Everyday is adoption day at Whiskers N Paws! This dedicated space is for pets to meet & greet their new families. Come over any day of the week and meet your potential soul-mate.

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Cats love grooming themselves, but they appreciate a little help as well. Regular brushing of your cat's fur reduces shedding, and helps distribute natural oils to their fur coat, leaving it shiny and protected. It will also help prevent your cat from getting hairballs.

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Wet food typically contains 75-80% moisture, while dry food only contains A slicker brush is great for detangling knots and mats, while a comb or pin brush is useful for gently untangling longer hair. Besides brushing their fur, cats may need help with keeping their nails trimmed and healthy as well. A scratching post gives your cat a chance to file their own nails, but if they still get too long, a nail clipper will be needed.

Choose a good quality stainless steel clipper, and be careful not to cut into the quick of the nail which will cause bleeding. In case of an accident, be prepared with styptic powder to stop the bleeding.

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