Super Easy Ear Wipes Count, 50 wipes
Ear Wash with Tea Tree Oil, 4oz
PetWipes Count, 100 wipes
Ear Wipes Count, 25 wipes
Ear Rinse for Wounds and Irritations, 3oz
Ears All Right Gentle Ear Cleaning Lotion, 4ozEars All Right Gentle Ear Cleaning Lotion, 4oz
Premium Ear Cleaner & Protector Weight : 30ml
Ear Wipes 30ct

Ear care for cats: Ear wash, rinse, wipes, and cleaners

Cats are usually very good at keeping themselves clean, but sometimes you may notice that they need some extra help in hard to reach areas, such as their ears. Regular inspection will help keep the inside of your cat’s ears clean, and their hearing sharp! Remember never to use cotton tips to clean your pet’s ears as this can push debris further into their ear drum, or even injure the ear canal. Choose a gentle ear wipe that is soft on their ears but able to remove ear wax and discharge, or add a specialized liquid ear cleaner for pets that is designed to dissolve ear wax, remove foreign debris, and provide relief from itchiness and irritation.

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