Cod Skins Crunchy Sticks for Dogs & Cats, 4.7oz
Alaskan Salmon Chips, 4oz
Alaskan Cod Chips, 3.5oz
Treats - Freeze Dried Minnows, 1oz
Freeze-Dried Minnows for Cats, 0.5ozFreeze-Dried Minnows for Cats, 0.5oz
Freeze-Dried Cat Treats - Chicken, 1.09oz
Whole Mackerel Loin, 1.06oz
Freeze-Dried Cat Treats - Chicken Breast, 0.6 oz
Smoked Saba Fillet Treats, 4pcs
Whole Tuna Loin in Fish Broth, 1.06oz
Pure Salmon Fillet Cat Treats, 1oz
Whole Tuna Loin, 1.06oz
Smoked Tuna Fillet Treats, 6pcs
Pure Turkey Breast Cat Treats, 1ozPure Turkey Breast Cat Treats, 1oz
Pure Chicken Breast Cat Treats, 1ozPure Chicken Breast Cat Treats, 1oz
Freeze-Dried Wild Salmon Treats for Cat, 1.1ozFreeze-Dried Wild Salmon Treats for Cat, 1.1oz
Freeze-Dried Ahi Tuna Treats for Cats, 1.1ozFreeze-Dried Ahi Tuna Treats for Cats, 1.1oz
Pure Cod Fillet Cat Treats, 1oz
Freeze-Dried Cat Treats - Beef Liver, 0.85oz
Treats - Freeze Dried Shrimp, 1ozTreats - Freeze Dried Shrimp, 1oz
Cod Skins Crunchy Sticks for Dogs & Cats, 2.5oz
Gone Fishin' 3 in 1
Haddock Crunchy Sticks for Dogs & Cats, 2oz
Freeze-Dried Cat Treats - Shrimp, 0.28oz
Freeze-Dried Cat Treats - Ocean Whitefish, 0.39oz

Hypoallergenic snacks and treats for cats with food sensitivities


Everyone loves an occasional treat, and having food allergies or food sensitivities should not stop your cat from getting all the love they deserve! We have your cats in mind, which is why our hypoallergenic treats are made with specially formulated recipes and limited ingredient formulas, so you can know exactly what your cat is eating and avoid allergens. From salmon and tuna to chicken and turkey, we have an allergy-friendly treat that is right for your cat. Feel free to spoil them without any worries!

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