Big Mama's Scratch n Play Ramp
Scratchy Box-Double Wide Pieces: 1
Ultimate Scratching Post, Regular
Double, Color: WalnutDouble, Color: Walnut
Combination ScratcherCombination Scratcher
The Ultimate Pets Cabin w/ Comfort Pad
Leeloo Cat Scratcher, Color: GreyLeeloo Cat Scratcher, Color: Grey
Leeloo Cat Scratcher, Color: BrownLeeloo Cat Scratcher, Color: Brown
Box Small, Color: WhiteBox Small, Color: White
Incline Cat ScratcherIncline Cat Scratcher
The Arty Scratcher, Color: Denim Chocolate
Scratcher Jungle Stripes w/ catnip
Double Cat Scratcher 1x
Play Pirates Cannon Tunnel
HighBase, Color: BlackHighBase, Color: Black
The Arty Scratcher, Color: Denim MandarinThe Arty Scratcher, Color: Denim Mandarin
Scratch, Ramp and Track Cardboard Toy
Scratcher S-chaise w/ catnip
Play Pirates Scratcher, Large
Stool, Color: WhiteStool, Color: White
PlayCenter, Color: WhitePlayCenter, Color: White
Scratch & Groom
Hammock ScratcherHammock Scratcher
Eco Cardboard Scratching Post (Refill)
PlayCenter, Color: WalnutPlayCenter, Color: Walnut
CK Ring
Vesper Rug Carpet - 28 x 56cm
Sylvester's Interactive Cat Scratcher, White
Cat Scratcher w/ Catnip, Single
Single Cat Scratcher 1x
Cat Scratcher w/ Feather Toy Style, Cat Face
Play Pirates Scratcher, Small

Scratching is an essential part of a cat’s life, as not only does it keep their claws healthy, it also helps them relieve stress and anxiety. Plus it’s fun! Unfortunately it’s not fun for the humans to discover their furniture and walls all scratched up. Instead of forbidding this normal cat behaviour, give your cat something that they will love to scratch!

Allow your cat to scratch healthily with the right cat scratcher and scratching post

A good scratcher has an engaging texture that your cat won’t be able to resist. Place it in a prominent area of the house, where your cat can hang out with you and scratch whenever they want. Cats also love to scratch after they wake up from naps, so a bed with a built-in scratcher is perfect. Make sure the scratcher is stable and won’t topple over when your cat scratches, and gives your cat different angles and heights to scratch from. Transfer those claw marks away from your possessions with a scratcher from Whiskers N Paws!

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