We believe that pets teach us to be better people

#Happy Pet. Happy Life

Our Vision

The future is living in harmony with people, animals and the planet. It all starts with connecting people through the love of pets.

Our Mission

To inspire human spirits and bring harmony through storytelling, knowledge sharing and pet loving.

Founder’s Story

Whiskers N Paws founder Vada Chung with first dog that changed her life

Tash, first adoption day puppy who left beautiful paw prints in our hearts

Founder’s Story

As a child, I often felt misunderstood and disconnected, spending lots of time alone at the school playground. I had a deep yearning to connect in a joyful and positive way, but I didn't know how.

My life changed when I rescued my first puppy. Pets are connectors that bring joy and compassion into people's lives, and my love for them inspired me to create a community that values and celebrates the special bond between pets and people.

That realization became the purpose of Whiskers N Paws - a place where we offer the best products to help care for pets and create pet-centric spaces that foster a vibrant community where pet lovers can share their experiences,connect with like-minded individuals, and celebrate the special bond they have with their furry friends.

Whiskers N Paws is just one organization, but we believe that every action we take can make a difference in creating a more caring and empathetic world. We prioritize pet care and feel privileged that we are given an opportunity to promote compassion and kindness in society. We took our first major step by offering high-quality, natural pet food and products, and work with animal shelters to promote pet adoption and support animals in need.

In a world where we are going through many changes, we understand that pet products alone cannot contribute enough to the world we aspire to. That's why our 2023 mission is centered a round celebrating a more compassionate and harmonious life through the love of pets. We believe that by sharing stories, knowledge, and fostering the bond between pets and people, we can create a positive ripple effect.

By working with like-minded experts, we together bring more fun and value to pet parents and help them develop the skills and knowledge to provide loving care to their pets. Our goal is to ensure pets receive quality care by empowering pet parents.

Our innovative store, Cups N Paws, a partnership with Cupping Room, is a creative lifestyle destination set up to provide top-notch pet grooming services focused on the mind, spirit, and body and great human and pet F&B experiences. But that's just the beginning. We're forming more partnerships with pet care experts to provide knowledge to ensure that pet parents are in the driver seat.

Let’s work together and make a world where our cherished pets help bring the best out of us. Together we can promote compassion and kindness and make a positive impact, one pet at a time.

Vada Chung

Tash, first adoption day puppy who left beautiful paw prints in our hearts


since first support of adoption


dogs homed


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18000+ KG

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