Digestive Enzymes Pre & Probiotic, 8oz
Comfy Cone, Color Tan, Large
Comfy Cone, Color Tan, Small
Storm Stress for Dogs & Cats (all weights), 15ml
Feline Skin & Itch, 15 ml
Digestive Enzymes Pre & Probiotic, 4oz
Berry Balance - Urinary Tract Powder, 3.5oz
Comfy Cone, Color Tan, Medium
Skin, Coat & Digestion Powder Formula, 1lb
Comfy Cone, Color Black, Large
Wound & Skin Care Hydro Gel, 3oz
Comfy Cone, Color Black, Medium
Herbsmith Taurine Boost - Cardiac and Heart Support 150g
Comfy Cone, Color Tan, XLarge
Happy Traveler Calming Soft Chews, 75ct
Nose Relief, 15ml
Comfy Cone, Color Black, XLarge
Herbal Tranquility Blend, 2ozHerbal Tranquility Blend, 2oz
Comfy Cone, Color Black, Small/Long
Gentle Digest Tablet, 60 tabletGentle Digest Tablet, 60 tablet
Pill Pockets Treats For Cat, Chicken, 1.6oz
Comfy Cone, Color Tan, Small/Long
Skin & Itch Relief, 15ml
Extra Long Comfy Cone, Color Black, Medium/Long
Travel Anxiety Relief, 15ml
Joint Support, 1oz
Comfy Cone, Color Black, Small
Digestive Upsets, 15 ml
WRM Clear, 15ml
Anti-Diarrhea Liquid, 8oz
Comfy Cone, Color Black, XSmall
Leaks No More, 15 ml

Pet medical and first aid supplies for your cats

Just like we have first aid kits for humans, you can prepare a first aid kit for your cats as well! Whiskers N Paws has tools and solutions for medication and pet first aid, ranging from wound treatment to surgery recovery. Discover accessories that provide immediate care such as bandaging tape and styptic powder that helps stop bleeding from minor superficial cuts. Long-term and post-surgery care includes neck cones to help pets heal from procedures or hot spots. We also have pill feeders to aid giving medication.

Find all your healthy pet care needs at Whiskers in Paws!

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