Chicken Littles Training Bits, 8oz
Beef Meaty Cube Treats, 50g
Deer Sinew Treats for Dogs, Large, 150g
Deer Sinew Treats for Dogs, Small, 75g
Chicken Breast Strips, 8oz
Venison Tendons, 125g
Premium Jerky Cuts - Beef Steak, 10oz
Premium Jerky Cuts - Duck, 12oz
Treats - Sea Jerky Squares 115gTreats - Sea Jerky Squares 115g
Premium Jerky Cuts - Chicken, 12ozPremium Jerky Cuts - Chicken, 12oz
Freeze-Dried Vital Minnows Treats for Dogs, 1oz
Skin and Coat - Salmon Jerky Treats, 10oz
Turkey Breast Strips, 6oz
Trainers Chewy Cheddar Flavor, 5ozTrainers Chewy Cheddar Flavor, 5oz
Turkey Breast Jerky, 4oz
Treats - Sea Jerky Tiddlers 115g
Hip & Joint - Chicken Breast Jerky Treats, 12oz
Trainers Chewy Salmon, 5ozTrainers Chewy Salmon, 5oz
Trainers Chewy Liver, 5ozTrainers Chewy Liver, 5oz
All Natural Jerky Treats - Lamb, 4oz
Sea Mobility Joint Rescue - Beef Jerky, 9ozSea Mobility Joint Rescue - Beef Jerky, 9oz
Chicken Littles Bone Shaped Crunchy Treats, 8oz
Ocean Farmed Green Mussel Bites, 50g
Chicken Jerky, 4oz
Treats Air Dried Venison, 85g
Beef Pizzle Stix 6pc
All Natural Jerky Treats - Chicken & Venison, 4oz
All Natural Jerky Treats - Lamb & Liver, 4oz
Whole Jerky BItes Turkey & Sweet Potato, 5ozWhole Jerky BItes Turkey & Sweet Potato, 5oz
All Natural Jerky Treats - Fish & Venison, 4oz
Henny Penny Chicken & Cranberry Crunchy Sticks,5oz
Kangaroo Jerky - Dehydrated Australian Kangaroo, 100g
Dogs love meat and what’s better than watching them enjoy a savoury jerky during snack time?

Jerky treats are joy for your dogs

They satisfy and nourish with every bite, providing strong flavour with the perfect balance of meatiness and texture. These high protein treats are perfect for rewarding your dog during training, or for just being the cute and adorable pup they are. We have whole jerky strips for dogs who love a good chew, and softer bites for those who prefer something quicker to bite through. From turkey to lamb to salmon, there’s definitely a jerky treat your dog will love!

Shop our premium jerky and chewy collection.

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