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A comfortable space for your furry friend to get clean and smell great. Give your dog the gift of quality time together.

No more furry bathrooms to tidy up at home.

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Why a flat fee?

We believe we are all the same. Any size, breed, and age is welcome to our self-serve dog wash space. All deserve to feel, look and smell great! And the best part? All proceeds donated go towards our community work.

A flat fee for all paws, big or small!

Small (up to 7kg)
50 mins HK$100* per dog
Medium (Up to 15kg)
1.5 hour HK$100* per dog
Large (15kg onwards)
2 hours HK$100* per dog

Self-Dog Wash service hours:

Monday - Friday 10AM - 5PM
Weekends & Public Holiday 10AM - 6PM

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The Facility

  • Full self-contained unit

  • Non-slip floor

  • Professional dryer

  • Drying & grooming platform

  • Ergonomic design to suit dogs

Terms & Conditions

This booking only permits 1 dog per session. After all, you must give your four-legged friend your undivided attention. It's a bath, not a pool pawty!

All confirmations will be made via call or WhatsApp. Bookings will be forfeited if a response is not received after our confirmation. We welcome dogs of all sizes regardless of age, however, no aggressive dogs or dogs in-season will be permitted. Dogs with flea/tick infestations must also be treated before entering the facility.

Shampoo and conditioner are not provided. Towels are available for purchase. Have fun!

Frequently Asked Question - Self-Dog Wash

What is a self-dog wash?

Self-dog wash is a dedicated area in-store created for pet parents to be able to clean their dogs in a comfortable space with plenty of wiggle room. A professional hair dryer is provided to dry-off your furry friend. You will find a comfortably sized bathtub to fit dogs of all sizes into and a railing to attach a leash to for extra safety.

How much is self-dog wash?

Because our self-dog wash station is a community space for animal lovers to share and use, we ask for a $100 donation for each use. Donations are contributed back to the Whiskers N Paws community to continue supporting you.

Can I walk in? Do I need to make an appointment?

Walk-ins are accepted subject to availability at the time. We recommend advance booking through our website or contact with our customer care team / 2552 6200 to secure your spot.

How do I use the self-dog wash service?

Self-dog wash is a specialised area for pet parents to be able to clean their dogs. A spacious tub is provided to allow for plenty of wiggle room for your furry friend while you lather then down. Professional salon-grade hairdryer is provided.

How many dogs can be washed at the self-dog wash station?

We have 1 self-dog wash station fitted with 2 bath tubs. Only 1 dog can be washed per bath tub at a time.

Do you provide towels?

Feel free to bring your own towel. Alternatively, Whiskers N Paws towels are available for purchase behind the cashier & online store.