Pouch Lamb, Brown Rice & Vegetables (6x400g)Pouch Lamb, Brown Rice & Vegetables (6x400g)
Sensitive Duck & Brown Rice, 12kg
Weight Control Chicken & Oats, 12kg
Original Lamb & Brown Rice,12kg
Sensitive Duck & Brown Rice, 2kg
Weight Control Chicken & Oats, 2kg
Original Chicken & Brown Rice, 2kg
Original Chicken & Brown Rice, 12kg
Original Fish & Brown Rice,12kg
Puppy Lamb & Brown Rice, 6kg (3x2kg)
Pouch Egg, Brown Rice & Vegetables (6x400g)Pouch Egg, Brown Rice & Vegetables (6x400g)
Original Lamb & Brown Rice, 2kg
Small Breed Chicken & Brown Rice, 2kg
Original Fish & Brown Rice, 2kg
Puppy Lamb & Brown Rice, 2kg
Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice, 6kg (3x2kg)
Pouch Fish, Brown Rice, Vegetables (6x400g)Pouch Fish, Brown Rice, Vegetables (6x400g)
Pouch Chicken, Brown Rice & Vegetables (6x400g)Pouch Chicken, Brown Rice & Vegetables (6x400g)
Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice, 2kg
Feline Original Chicken & Brown Rice, 2kg

About Burns – Natural Pet Food

Leading the way in healthy, nutritious and holistic pet food, Burns products are made using wholesome, simple ingredients such as chicken, brown rice and wild fish, with absolutely no nasty chemicals or preservatives. Originally developed by pioneering veterinary surgeon John Burns in 1993, Burns has grown into an award-winning natural pet food company selling over 2 billion bowls to date. Burns Original Chicken and Brown Rice recipe has inspired the creation of multiple pet food ranges for dogs, cats, which have been specially formulated for a variety of breeds, ages and activity levels. Burns understand that every pet is different, which is why they offer over 10 specialist diets, such as Weight Control, Sensitive and Free From, which all use hypoallergenic ingredients so that even the most sensitive pets can thrive.

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