Happiness Guarantee

Applicable Brands & Collections for Dog & Cats kibble ONLY
To help you shop with confidence, Whiskers N Paws guarantees service quality for Dog & Cat kibble.*

The purpose of Happiness Guarantee is to ensure your furry friend finds the right food. If your pet are unsatisfied with the kibble you have chosen, ​our pet advisors will help & contact you to find a suitable food for your furry friend.

All ​returns can be made by mail or in-store at Horizon Plaza Store.
*Specific brands, kibble types, and bag sizes only

How to make a return:
1. Sign in to your account and under My Account, click the Return button of the order containing the items(s) you would like to return

2. Check the checkbox of the item(s) & select the quantities you would like to return
3. Select Reason Of Return & tell us why you are making the return
4. Print the return slip & ship the product back to us.

*Applicable Brands & Collections
1. Stella & Chewy’s Kibble Only (2.5lb cat - 3.5lb dog)
2. Burns Kibbles (2kg cat & dog)
3. Wellness (4lb - 5lb cat & dog)
4. AATU (1kg cat - 1.5kg dog)
5. Nutro (3lb cat - 5lb dog)
6. RAWZ (3.5lb cat & dog)
7. Carna4 (2lb cat & 3lb dog)
8. Canidae (4lb & 5lb cat & dog)
9. Merrick (4lb dog)
10. Castor & Pollux (3lb cat & 4lb dog)
11. Fish4Dogs (1.5kg cat & dog)

Happiness Guarantee Policy:
1. The product must be returned within 10 days of purchase

2. The bag of kibble must be at least half full

3. Only 3 times exchange is allowed

4. All returns & shipping costs are to be handled by the customer & non-refundable

5. This offer only applies to specific brands, collections & sizes (see applicable brands & collection)

6. Whiskers N Paws is not responsible for any lost package

7. Whiskers N Paws reserves the right to make final decisions

8. Should there be any dispute, the company’s decision shall be final

9. Whiskers N Paws monitors account activity and reserves the right to refuse transactions, assess fees, and/or close accounts based on order or returns behaviour

Contact information will be collected so our ​pet advisors ​can personally help you find a suitable alternative for your pet.

Return Address: Whiskers N Paws 10/F Horizon Plaza 2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau, H.K.