Whiskers N Paws - Adoption Program

WNP Adoption Program

Everyday is adoption day at Whiskers N Paws! This dedicated space is for pets to meet & greet their new families. Come over any day of the week and meet your potential soul-mate.

Checkout our current residents

Our dogs spend a lot of time running and playing and thoroughly enjoying life! Over time, this takes a toll on their joints. Provide hip and joint support early to help keep them healthy and active! Arthritis is a common health issue but is often diagnosed late because our dogs are so good at hiding their discomfort. Senior dogs will definitely benefit from hip and joint support, but younger dogs will as well!

Choosing the right dog joint supplements that help

Look for supplements that contain glucosamine and chondroitin, which are anti-inflammatory ingredients that will relieve pain and discomfort and also strengthen tissues and cartilage. They come in the form of jerky treats, chewable tablets, liquid drops, or powdered formulas, which not only taste great but can easily be mixed into your pup's daily meals.

Shop our top brands of supplements to take care of your dogs and help them live their best lives! Our products are hand-picked with care because we are fur parents too.

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