Nurturing an animal-loving
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All of our pets come from local Hong Kong shelters and Whiskers N Paws
looks after them until they find their way into your heart & homes.



  • Plan Your Visit adoption space

    Step 1: Plan Your Visit
    Pop over and visit the animals available for adoption. Find out more about your furry friend and get to know their personalities to see if it’s a match!

  • Apply for adoption

    Step 2: Apply
    Now that you have found a furry friend you are interested in bringing home, fill out the application form. An adoption coordinator will get in touch with you for the next step.

  • Adoption Fee

    Step 3: Adoption Fee
    Once your application is received & processed, a Homing Assistant will be in touch. A quick chat on the phone or home visit may be required. Different adoption fees will apply dependant on the species. *100% adoption fee goes to the shelter.

  • Bring Your Furry Friend Home

    Step 4: Bring Your Furry Friend Home
    Congratulations! You have made a new best friend. Spread the word and refer other animals in need to your friends. Let’s help clear the shelters!

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  • Levi


    Meow~ I am Levi. I am a tabby girl with cute round face. I am shy about meeting new people, but I definitely love to be pat by hooman if given time for me to get to know you! I am good at climbing around the room with my bulb tail wagging! Come visit us at WNP!

  • Leo


    Meow~ I am Leo, sibling of Levi. Don’t get tricked by my black fur, I love to play with furry friends and hoomans. I am also curious about everything. My favourite exercise here is climbing and exploring higher shelves! Come play and cuddle us furry friends at WNP!

  • Muppet


    Woof! I am Muppet, who has a pair of adorable big ears. I am friendly to hooman and dogs. My favourite activity is the daily play time at WNP Patio! Bring me food & treats and I’ll follow your footsteps. Come visit me and my furry friends at WNP!

Puppy adoption sunday

Every Sunday 2pm - 4pm

Over 1800 puppies are homed through this event. HKDR brings puppies that are ready to be homed to Whiskers N Paws. Starting a friendship is easier than you think!

  • Whiskers n paws & HKDR



Get Ready For Your Fur kids


Adoption 7 days a week. This dedicated space is for pets to meet & greet their new families.



  • Collaborative adoption

    since 2008

  • Bring Your Furry Friend Home

    1800+ puppies &
    900+ cats homed

Frequently Asked Question - Adoption

Can I adopt at Whiskers N Paws?

Yes! Whiskers N Paws partners with local animal welfare organisations to help rehome abandoned or stray animals. These include dogs, cats and small animals. We have 3 in-store adoption stations to help these pets find forever homes. Come and visit us! You can also visit our adoption page for further details.

How does the adoption process work?

The adoption process varies depending on which charity you are adopting from at Whiskers N Paws. The process can consist of obtaining personal details, an adoption questionnaire, a possible home visit by the charity, and an adoption fee. For further details, please feel free to contact our staff in-store or directly with our partner charities.

When can I adopt at Whiskers N Paws?

Depending on the adoption process laid out by our partner charity, interested parties can adopt from Whiskers N Paws any day of the week. Come visit our animals in-store on weekdays and weekends during store visiting hours. We advise interested parties to contact our customer care team in advance to see if the animals they are interested are still available for viewing.

Which animal welfare organisations do you partner with?

Whiskers N Paws partners with many animal welfare organisations to help rehome shelter animals. In-store, we partner with different charities for different animals. Dogs come from Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR), cats come from Lifelong Animal Protection (LAP), and small animals come from The Society for the Prevention & Crulety of Animals (SPCA).

Where do the animals up for adoption come from?

The animals for adoption at Whiskers N Paws come from charities we partner together with to help shelter animals be rehomed. Dogs come from Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR), cats come from Lifelong Animal Protection (LAP), and small animals come from The Society for the Prevention & Cruelty of Animals (SPCA).

Is there an adoption fee?

Yes. As Whiskers N Paws partners with local non-profit organisations to rehome pets, each charity asks for a one-off fee to help support the welfare of other animals in need looking for forever homes. This includes medical expenses and daily food. The fee varies on each charity, please contact our staff in-store or the charity directly for enquiries.