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    Guinea pig food: Hay and pellets

    Hay is an essential part of a guinea pig's diet, as it contains the high levels of fibre needed for proper digestion. Chewing on hay also wears down their teeth, preventing overgrowth.

    Guinea pigs should be given hay every day, and it should make up at least 75% of their diet. Timothy hay is the best all-rounded hay for small animals while alfalfa hay is better suited as a treat since it has higher levels of protein and calcium, which can lead to obesity or bladder stones if eaten too often. Pellets made from Timothy hay will also help provide a complete and balanced meal for your small animal.

    Guinea pigs do not produce Vitamin C naturally, therefore they must obtain it through their food. Supplement their diet with fresh vegetables like spinach and kale to increase their vitamin C intake. Possible signs of vitamin C deficiency in your guinea pig include decreased appetite, low energy, and swollen joints, and if you notice these symptoms you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

    Make sure your guinea pig gets the right nutrients to grow healthy and strong by shopping for their food at Whiskers N Paws! Our products are hand-picked with care because we are fur parents too.

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