Timothy Complete Rabbit 4.5lb
Garden Select Fortified Food For Adult Rabbit 4lbGarden Select Fortified Food For Adult Rabbit 4lb
Timothy Hay Plus w/ Carrots, 48oz
Alfalfa Hay, 24 oz
Organic Bounty Adult Rabbit Food 3lb
Timothy Hay Plus with Carrots 24oz
Supreme Rabbit Food, 5lb

Rabbit food: Hay and pellets

Contrary to popular belief, rabbits should not eat too many carrots!

Instead, their diet mostly consists of hay and pellets, which provide all the nutrients they need to grow big and strong. Rabbits have sensitive tummies, so fruits and vegetables should only be given in moderation. Timothy hay is the best option for rabbits, as it is high in fibre to support digestive and dental health. Alfalfa hay contains higher levels of protein and calcium which is beneficial for growing bunnies, however too much calcium can cause bladder stones in rabbits if eaten too often.

Adult rabbits should only be given alfalfa hay as a treat. In addition to its nutritional benefits, chewing on hay helps keep your rabbit’s teeth trim, and prevents them from becoming overgrown. Keep an eye on their incisors, the front teeth, to make sure they stay at a healthy length. Rabbits with overgrown teeth will start to drool excessively and have difficulty chewing and swallowing.

At Whiskers N Paws we only offer the best rabbit food for your furry friend, because we are fur parents too.

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