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Bootsie's Bunk Bed and Play Room

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All-Inclusive Activity Center For Playing, Hiding and Sleeping

This attractive unit combines your cat’s two favorite pastimes: playing and sleeping. After a vigorous workout batting toys in the gym, your cat can sack out on the top bunk for a restful nap or escape into a secluded, dual-entry hideaway. The handy roof accessory provides your cat with yet another healthy and popular feline activity -scratching.

Features and Benefits

- An all-inclusive toy that your cat can hide, sleep, and play in
- Two spring-action toys encourage essential daily physical activity
- Durable, quilted pad for extra comfort during all-important cat naps
- No tools necessary for assembly
- Heavy-duty wood construction ensures safety and stability
- Ships flat

- Sizes : 51cmW x 28cmL x 26cmH 
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- Durable, Quilted pad for extra comfort during all-important cat naps
- Heavy-duty wood construction ensures safely and stability
- Can sleep 2 Cats (one inside and one on top)
- Fun, secure, great for playing and sleeping
- Ideal for cats of all ages
- Easy assembly with no tools needed
- Includes comfortable quilted pad and 2 spring-action toys 

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