Deluxe Color DanglyDeluxe Color Dangly
Timothy Lollipop, AppleTimothy Lollipop, Apple
Timothy Popsicle ChewTimothy Popsicle Chew
Timothy Tunnel
Apple Stick Bundle
Play Table for Small AnimalsPlay Table for Small Animals
Critter CruiserCritter Cruiser
Timmy Pops Small Animals Chew ToyTimmy Pops Small Animals Chew Toy
Roll Arounds - 3pcsRoll Arounds - 3pcs
Hide & Chew RollHide & Chew Roll
Crazy Hay Ball
Crazy Shakers
Chew Toy Carrot Patch, 3pcs
Celebration Cupcake Small Animals Chew ToyCelebration Cupcake Small Animals Chew Toy
Hay Bundles - 2pcsHay Bundles - 2pcs
Apple Stick Hay FeederApple Stick Hay Feeder
Celebration Cone Small Animals Chew ToyCelebration Cone Small Animals Chew Toy
Deluxe Natural Dangly
Grass Ball - Small
Grass Hut - Small
Color Play DanglyColor Play Dangly
Play Wall for Small Animals, SmallPlay Wall for Small Animals, Small

Small animal toys: Rabbit, hamster, and guinea pig toys

Toys can greatly enrich your pet’s life by providing them opportunities to engage in natural behaviours like chewing, hiding, playing, and exploring. Discover toys made with petsafe materials that are designed to stimulate your furry friend’s mind and exercise their body. Let them play, sleep, and eat in hay tunnels, or nibble on sisal toys.

Interactive hay feeders make eating more fun and encourage exploration. Chew toys will entertain your little critters for hours and help keep their teeth at a healthy length. All of our coloured toys are made with vegetable oil colouring, never chemical dyes. If you’re looking to give your furry friend a workout, introduce an exercise wheel!

Find your pet’s favourite toys at Whiskers N Paws!

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