Whiskers N Paws - Adoption Program

WNP Adoption Program

Everyday is adoption day at Whiskers N Paws! This dedicated space is for pets to meet & greet their new families. Come over any day of the week and meet your potential soul-mate.

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About Petmate - Loving pets is what its all about

Over 60 years ago, Petmate began with a single focus on providing safe pet transportation, resulting in the creation of the very first dog kennel. Today, with the same love and bond, Petmate continues to provide safe travels for pets all around the world through the 21 brands it owns. Dedicated to creating reliable products to improve your pet's quality of life, Petmate takes care of your pet's everyday needs with a comprehensive range of products from dog treat jar to cat litter scoop.

Protect the beautiful world that pets and their families live in As a responsible manufacturer, Petmate is extra mindful of their environmental impact. Its eco-friendly manufacturing techniques, such as using post-industrial recycled resin, help reduce carbon footprint to ensure pets and their families have a beautiful world to play in.