Modkat XL Litter Box, Color: WhiteModkat XL Litter Box, Color: White
Modkat XL Litter Box, Color: GrayModkat XL Litter Box, Color: Gray
Modkat XL Front Entry Reusable Liners - Type D, 3pcs
Modkat Reusable Liners - Type A, 3pcs
Modkat Litter Box, Color: Black
Modkat XL Top Entry Reusable Liners - Type C, 3pcs
Modkat Litter Box, Color: Grey
Modkat Replacement Parts - Scoop
Modkat Replacement Parts - Lid
Modkat Replacement Parts - XL Lid
Modkat Replacement Parts - XL Hooks (Set of 4)
Modkat Replacement Parts - XL Frame Set
Modkat Litter Box, Color: White

About Modkat

Taking care of the litter box is a big part of everyday life with our furry family members. At Modkat, we're on a mission to make the litter box experience more enjoyable for cats and their human parents alike. We want you and your cat to love your litter box!

A top-opening cat litter box offers several great benefits to cats and their humans alike. It's a lot less messy for one. Without all that stray litter getting kicked, dragged, or sprayed around your house, you can spend more hours cuddling your cat and less time sweeping up after her.

For another thing, a covered, top-entry box is less smelly than a traditional one. Just lift out the reusable liner, dump it out, clean the liner with soap and warm water, wipe down the box, and you're good to go. You shouldn't have to spend much on litter, either, since the high walls and covered top help keep litter off your floors and inside the box where it belongs.

Different Sizes to Fit Your Cats
At Modkat, we offer the following options : The Modkat XL fits big cats, the largest top-entry box for large cats on the market with 17"-high walls and 21"-long layout ; The original Modkat works best for most house cats ; The Flip helps senior cats and kittens get in and out of the box without difficulty. And the Tray works best for our friends who enjoy an open-air experience.

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