Durapet - Premium Stainless Steel Pet Bowl 144 ozDurapet - Premium Stainless Steel Pet Bowl 12 oz
Durapet - Slow Feeder Stainless Steel Pet Bowl MediumDurapet - Slow Feeder Stainless Steel Pet Bowl Large
Durapet - Non - Tip Pet Bowl SmallDurapet - Non - Tip Pet Bowl Medium

About Durapet

With 8 years of experience and know-how in the cat and dog accessories sector, Durapet's invests in the quality, elegance and durability of its products to serve a differentiated public and counts on the sales team to conquer its space in the market.

Durapet Bowls are made of high quality, heavy duty stainless steel with a permanently bonded rubber ring in the base that prevents sliding and undesirable noise.

Durapet Stainless Steel Pet Bowl

A tough rubber ring keeps the Durapet™ Stainless Steel Bowl firmly in place while your dog enjoys his meal. And it eliminates skidding and noise – so you can enjoy yours. These bowls are super durable and long lasting, won’t harbor bacteria, more sanitary and hygienic than plastic bowls.

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