Staying Warm in the Winter - Dog Beds

Wilson Lam Editorial Date:

Winters in Hong Kong are relatively mild compared to other places in the world, but it can still get quite chilly, especially at night. Although our dogs have a natural fur coat to protect them, they may still need some extra help to stay warm. Here are some ways to keep your furry friends warm in their bed this winter. Moreover, there're also some tips to keep your dogs warm in winter.

Tara the puppy in her warm dog bed
Tara lounging in her warm bed. 

Place their dog bed away from cold drafts

Drafts are an often overlooked issue when it comes to bed placement. Cold air can get into the room through cracks in doors and windows, so keep your dog’s bed away from these areas. You can make or purchase draft stoppers to place underneath doors to further help keep the heat in.

Elevate their bed

Tiled and hardwood floors can get cold in the winter, so choosing a thicker dog bed and putting it on top of carpet or elevating it with towels can prevent the cold from seeping into the bed. A trampoline bed or raised bed is another option, and may be a good choice for senior dogs. For mesh trampoline beds, be sure to provide a blanket for your dog to prevent heat loss. Cold weather can exacerbate arthritis and joint pain, and sleeping on a trampoline bed means your dog’s joints are protected from direct contact with the cold and hard floor. At the right height, trampoline beds are also easier for senior dogs to get in and out of, since they don’t require them to lower and raise their body as far. An orthopedic bed can also benefit dogs with arthritis or joint issues, especially in the winter.


Senior dogs enjoy the support of an orthopedic bed
Senior dog Diamond appreciates the firmness of the orthopedic bed.

Add blankets

Blankets made from materials such as fleece and sherpa will help trap your dog’s own body heat, keeping them warm. Your dog may love to burrow in the blankets, or you can arrange them in a doughnut shape so that they can curl up in the middle. Similarly, a dog bed with sides is better for preserving your dog’s body heat, and it gives your dogs a place to curl up and feel safe.

Use covered beds

These beds are usually made for cats, but if you have a small dog they may enjoy sleeping in a tent or cave-like bed to stay warm. Some covered beds have a built in blanket so your dog can burrow inside without worry of the blankets getting tangled.

Use a heating pad

Pet-safe heating pads are available for you to place underneath their bed to give your dog some warmth without getting too hot. Some heating pads need to be plugged into a wall outlet to use, and others can be heated in a microwave. Make sure you follow the product instructions carefully to avoid any injury.

When the weather is cold outside, there’s nothing better than curling up in your warm and comfortable bed. Making sure the same is available for your dog will ensure they have good quality sleep!


Hattie the puppy ready to snooze on her comfy bed
Hattie about to get some shut-eye on her soft comfy bed. 

**Note: If your dog usually sleeps outside, we strongly encourage you to bring their dog bed indoors, especially in the winter, so that they can enjoy the warmth. If this is not possible, be sure to provide extra blankets and raised beds to keep them warm!