Keep Your Home Clean and Safe for Your Pets - 5 Non-Toxic Cleaning Brands We Love

Stephanie Wan Editorial Date:

With pets at home, we know that keeping our house clean is a daily chore! To make things easier, we always recommend using pet safe cleaning agents so that we don’t have to worry about our furry friends coming into contact with harmful chemicals.

Protect Your Pets From Toxic Chemicals

Common household cleaning products that contain chemicals such as alcohol, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and ammonia can be toxic to pets. Make sure to lock away your cleaning supplies so that your furry friends cannot access them, and remember to clean out your mops and buckets immediately after use. Keep little paws away from floors and counters while you are cleaning, and only let them back in when the surface is completely dry. If possible, rinse the area with water after disinfecting, so that there’s no risk of anyone stepping on the wet surface and then ingesting the cleaning product through licking their paws.

Ingesting harmful cleaning products can lead to poisoning, but simply coming in contact with harsh chemicals can cause nose and skin irritations for our pets. Common issues include irritation in their paws, but in some extreme cases it can even lead to seizures. That’s why pet safe cleaning products are so important to us! Here are our top five recommended brands for keeping your home clean and safe for your pets.

Eco Me

Eco Me has a wide range of cleaning supplies, from floor cleaner to dish soap to laundry detergent. All their products are made from premium quality, food-grade and plant based ingredients, and contain no sulfates, phthalates, ammonia, bleach, or other harsh chemicals and preservatives. Fragrances can cause irritation in pets, so we love that Eco Me products do not contain any synthetic fragrances, and have fragrance free options. Of course it is important that they do not do any animal testing, and are a vegan and cruelty-free brand!

Ecome all purpose cleaner


iBrea Antibacterial Micro Silver Disinfectant Spray

This spray is natural and non-toxic, and perfect for disinfecting surfaces and the environment. Its micro silver particles physically cling to any surface, forming a protective layer of natural silver ions that results in long-lasting antimicrobial capability. iBrea disinfectant spray is odour free and nano-free, meaning it does not penetrate into the skin or mucous membranes, making it safe for humans and pets.

iBrea disinfectant spray

Tincture London Daily Floor Tincture Concentrate

A few drops of this natural cleaner is enough to give your floors an antibacterial clean finish. It is suitable for all hard floor surfaces and kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Most importantly it contains no harsh chemicals, so you don’t have to worry even if your furry friend likes to eat off of the floor. Made with all natural ingredients, this floor cleaner has a refreshing scent to leave your home smelling great!


Tincture London Daily Floor Tincture Concentrate

Positive Care Bedding and Laundry Protector

This water based antibacterial formula uses Goldshield Technology to safely clean and disinfect your pet’s bedding, blankets, and toys. It contains a silane-based compound that forms an antimicrobial nano-layer on any surface, killing 99.9% of germs. This nano-layer is a broad-spectrum sanitizer with long-lasting effects, but will not penetrate through the skin, making it safe for humans and pets. It remains active and protective even after the surface is dry. Just add to the softener tray of your washing machine to neutralize pet odours and remove stains from your laundry!


Skout’s Honor Urine Destroyer

Accidents happen, and when they do you need something that will thoroughly clean and remove any trace of urine smell and stains. Skout’s Honor Urine Destroyer uses BioKore Technology, a powerful plant-based surfactant that works by saturating and absorbing stains through osmosis, then breaking them down to remove them at the molecular level. All Skout’s Honor products are non-toxic, biodegradable, eco friendly and free of harsh chemicals, chlorine and formaldehyde, therefore safe to use around pets.

Skout’s Honor Urine Destroyer

We are fur parents too, so we know how important it is to find safe cleaning products that give us peace of mind. At Whiskers N Paws we source natural and effective cleansers to disinfect and protect. Shop for more pet-safe household cleaning products in-store and online at Cheers to a clean home and happy pets!