A Complete Packing List for Your Dog’s Next Camping Adventure

Stephanie Wan Editorial Date:

With autumn approaching, it’s time to start planning your camping trips! Of course you can’t leave your adventure dogs behind, so to make sure your furry friend has everything they need, we’ve put together this packing list for them. Are you ready to go camping?

1. Foldable Pet Bowl

The Dexas Travel Cup Foldable Pet Bowl makes it easy to keep your pup fed and hydrated on the go. It is made from certified food-safe, antimicrobial, and BPA free material, and collapses to less than 0.5 inches thick. The small size holds 1 cup of water and large size holds up to 2 cups. The attached clip lets you hook it onto your backpack, stroller, or leash so that it’s convenient to bring no matter where you go!

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2. Dog Food

When you’re out on the campgrounds, food must be quick and easy to prepare, as well as convenient to carry. Our dry dog food brands are all made with natural ingredients to meet the needs of every dog, and are perfect for bringing along on a trip. Freeze-dried food such as Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried Turkey Nuggets and K9 Natural Lamb & Salmon Freeze Dried Dog Food provide complete and balanced meals, letting you feed your dog a nutritional raw meal without any hassle. Visit wnp.com.hk to check out their other flavours!

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3. Dog Backpack

Let your dog help you carry a little bit of the load by giving them a dog backpack! They’ll be comfortable, stylish, and helpful at the same time! The backpack doubles as a harness, while being filled with your dog’s favourite treats and toys.

The Kurgo Baxter Dog Backpack is lightweight, durable, and features ergonomic spine support to make sure your dog is comfortable and safe while carrying the backpack. There are two saddlebags and the design makes sure the backpack is balanced with the weight distributed evenly on either side. With eight different adjustment points this backpack provides the perfect fit for your dog. It is suitable for dogs from 30-85 pounds, and holds up to 3.75L of content.

For a sleek, low-profile backpack, look no further than the Ruffwear Singletrak Dog Hydration Backpack. It features two collapsible water bottles to help dogs stay hydrated throughout the trip, as well as external pockets for other essentials. The backpack fits close to the body, allowing your dogs to remain agile with full range of motion. It comes in 3 sizes and fits dogs with a girth size from 56-107cm.

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4. Cooling Pad

If the weather is still quite warm, bring a foldable cooling pad to give your dogs a comfortable spot to rest. The Avantpet Cooling Mat is made with a cooling gel. Put it in the freezer for one hour and it is ready to use! The gel stays soft even after freezing. The bed is waterproof, scratch resistant, and mould resistant, and even if your pup accidentally chews the bed, the cooling gel inside is FDA approved and safe for consumption.

The Ruffwear Swamp Dog Cooling Vest uses Swamp CoolerTM Tech to keep your dog cool and refreshed when wearing it. Just wet it with water to activate the evaporative cooling effect! The updated design helps the vest retain water and stay cool for a longer period of time.

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5. Collar Light

Make sure your dog stays visible even when the sun goes down. The PetLit LED Collar Light clips easily onto their collar or harness. It can be set to glow or flash mode, and is water resistant. The Ezydog Adventure Dog Light is a more waterproof light built for outdoor use. Rotate the top to turn it on and your dog can be visible up to 5km away. A velcro strap lets you attach it to their collar or harness.

6. Insect Repellent

Staying outdoors means there will be lots of insects! Keep the harmful ones like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes away with natural repellent sprays like Pet Naturals of Vermont Flea & Tick Repellent Spray for Dogs & Cats and Earth Animal Herbal Bug Spray. These are made from natural ingredients and are safe to use on our furry friends. Spray on their body focusing on their paws and belly.

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7. Adventure First Aid Kit

Be prepared with an RC Pet Pocket First Aid Kit. It contains basic supplies needed to handle minor emergencies, such as gauze and bandages. It is small and easy to carry so bring it along for peace of mind. Bonus tip: add an Earthbath Hot Spot Relief Dog Spritz to your first aid kit just in case your dog gets one of those itchy, irritating spots while adventuring. This spritz provides naturally soothing relief for itching, scratching, and skin irritation.

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Spending time in nature with your dogs is a great bonding experience. Try to leave a positive pawprint by picking up some garbage and leaving the campsite and trails better than the way you found it. Enjoy your adventures and we’ll see you back in the city!