7 Options For Choosing the Best Litter for Your Cat

Wilson Lam Editorial Date:

Besides food and bedding, finding suitable cat litter is one of the most important things when welcoming a cat into your home. Choosing the best cat litter is dependent on many factors, including price, odour control, absorbency, how well it clumps, availability, and most importantly, your cat’s personal preference!

In general cat litter is separated into two categories: clumping and non-clumping.

Clumping litter turns into a solid texture when it comes in contact with liquid, making it easy to scoop up and discard. The remaining clean litter can continue to be used, and the litter box remains clean for a longer period of time. In clay litters, sodium bentonite is added to facilitate the clumping, whereas pine, wheat, and corn litters are naturally clumping. Be careful not to let your cat consume any litter especially if it contains sodium bentonite!

Non-clumping litter can absorb high volumes of liquid and has good odour control. They are typically less expensive than clumping litters, but need to be changed more frequently since the entire litter box needs to be cleaned in order to remove all the soiled litter.

Litter comes in many different materials as well! We've listed 7 options below to help you decide which one is right for you and your cat.

1. Clay Litter

Dr Elsey's Ultra Unscented Clumping Litter

Clay is the most traditional type of cat litter. It is a great option for many pawrents due to its low cost and accessibility. It is available as clumping or non-clumping, and scented or unscented. Since the clay feels like sand, most cats will naturally choose the litter box. Clay is highly absorbent and has some natural odour control. Choose low dust or dust-free options to reduce the amount of dust particles generated.

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2. Silica Gel Cat Litter

Silica gel litter is a non-clumping litter that typically produces less dust than clay. It is made from sodium silicate which forms beads with tiny pores that trap liquid inside. Urine is absorbed by the beads and after the moisture evaporates the odour-causing particles remain trapped inside, reducing bad smells. Silica gel is more expensive than clay litter, and some cats do not enjoy stepping on the beads. Rake the beads daily to help the moisture evaporate, and clean out the entire litter box every week to keep it fresh.

3. Pine Litter

Feline Pine Natural Pine Cat Litter

Pine litter is a natural way to absorb liquids and control odours. It is a lightweight and absorbent litter that is softer than clay and produces low dust. It is an environmentally friendly option that is available in non-clumping or clumping versions. Non-clumping pine litter is shaped as cylindrical pellets while clumping pine litter is ground up pine.

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4. Wheat Litter

sWheat Scoop Litter

Another environmentally friendly litter is made from processed wheat. This is a 100% natural, biodegradable clumping litter that controls odours naturally without added dyes, perfumes, or synthetic chemicals. It can be flushed down the toilet in small quantities after soaking.

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5. Corn Litter

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Corn is a biodegradable litter composed of dried corn kernels. It is also a natural clumping litter that is absorbent and excellent at controlling odours. This lightweight litter is dust-free and flushable in small quantities.

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6. Paper Cat Litter

Fussie Cat Natural Paper Cat Litter

Paper litter is made from processed paper materials, or you can even make your own with shredded newspaper. It is soft, absorbent, and is the recommended litter for cats after any surgeries as it will not irritate any wounds. Paper litter does not clump and should be changed often to reduce odours.

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7. Tofu Cat Litter

PGT Cat Tofu Cat Litter

Tofu litter is an eco friendly, biodegradable clumping litter. It is dust-free and soluble in water with a good ability to absorb odours. Different scents are available to suit your preference. The shape of tofu litter ensures they don’t stick to your cat’s paws, and won’t leave tracks throughout your house!

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At the end of the day, the best cat litter is the one that your furry friend enjoys using the most! Visit Whiskers N Paws to find all the toilet accessories for your cat, including litter boxes, scoops, and liners. Healthy pet care is made easy at Whiskers N Paws!