Dog in the City: 6 Things to Pack for a Dog's Day Out

Stephanie Wan Editorial Date:

Taking a trip into town with your dogs? Make sure you’ve packed all the essentials! Here is a list of 6 must-have items for a doggy day out.

1. Treat Pouch

Dexas Popware Pooch Pouch

You can’t go on an outing without some dog treats! Whether it’s to reward your dog for settling next to you, or needing them to move with you quickly, you will need easy access to their favourite treats. The Dexas Popware Pooch Pouch is a sturdy silicone treat bag with a flexible open top. It’s easy to reach the treats but they won’t fall out. Clip it to your belt or waistband to access the treats quickly.

The Ezydog SnakPak Pro Treat Bag is an all-in-one treat bag. The treat pocket is secured with twin magnetic closures to keep treats in while giving you easy access. It also comes with a poop bag dispenser and front and side zip pockets to give you room to hold your keys or money. It has an adjustable strap that you can wear around your waist so that everything you need is within reach.

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2. Water Bottle

Lixit Thirsty Dog Portable Sport Bottle

Make sure you bring enough water to keep your furry friend hydrated throughout the day! The Thirsty Dog Portable Sport Bottle makes this easy. The 20oz (600ml) bottle includes a water bowl that folds neatly around the bottle when not in use, but easily flips down when you need it. Fit it in your bag or carry it using the convenient shoulder strap. The OllyBottle is another option, with a detachable water bowl that snaps into place along the side of the bottle. Use it as your own water bottle as well while you pour out a bowl for your dog! There are two sizes available, with the larger one holding up to 1L of water.

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3. Poop Bags

Earth Rated Dog Poop Bag Leash Dispenser Drop Shape with 15 Poop Bags

Nothing is worse than seeing your dog do the #2 squat, and realising you don’t have any poop bags. Never forget your poop bags at home with the Dog Poop Bag Leash Dispenser! The dispenser has a durable, waterproof strap that attaches to any style leash. Internal pins keep the roll of poop bags in place, making it easy to pull out a bag whenever you need it. A hook on the back even provides a place for you to clip your used bags until you find a garbage can. Easily refill the dispenser with Poop Bags Refill Rolls.


4. K9 Sport Sack

K9 Sport Sack Air Plus Dog Carrier

When your dog gets tired, carry them in the K9 Sport Sack Air Plus Dog Carrier. This ergonomic carrier is designed under the guidance of veterinarians, dog trainers and outdoor product engineers, so you can trust it to be safe and strong. The sides are fully ventilated to provide maximum air flow, including mesh side pockets. The back and shoulder straps are padded for extra comfort, and the shoulder straps are thick and wide to help relieve pressure. The carrier comes in 2 sizes for dogs up to 31” tall and 40 lbs. The detachable storage bag lets you carry your own gear at the same time! Under veterinarian recommendation, dogs should have a 15 minute break out of the bag after every 45 minutes of travelling in the bag.

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5. Raincoat

Fab Dog Packaway Dog Raincoat

Be prepared for any weather with a raincoat for your furry friend! The Fab Dog Packaway Dog Raincoat folds into a travel size bag when stored, and unfolds into a fully functional, waterproof coat for your dog. For an extra cute look, try the Duck, Bunny, or Frog Pet Raincoat!

6. Leash, Harness, and Collar

The Company Of Animals Halti All-in-One Dog Lead

We all like to get dressed up for a day out, why not make your dog feel fancy by getting them a new leash, harness, or collar?

The Company of Animals Halti All-in-One Dog Lead has a neoprene handle for comfort, and can convert into a tie-out tether if needed. The base of the leash has a control handle so you can easily pull your dog close in crowded areas.

For a versatile harness suitable for adventuring or everyday wear, try the Ruffwear Flagline Dog Harness. It is a light and comfortable body harness, with buckles that make it easy to put on and take off. A handle on the back lets you help your dog up when needed or hold them to keep them close. The harness is available in 4 sizes and 4 fun colours!

The Lambwolf Fossil Original Handwoven Paracord Dog Collar is a stylish and functional collar. Paracord is light and sturdy, and when woven together it creates a strong and durable collar. Attach a dog tag to the attachment hook and your dog is ready to go!

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We hope you have a great day with your dog, and while you’re out, don’t forget to come visit us at Whiskers N Paws!