Simple Solution

Cat Litter Attractant Weight : 9oz

$88 saved $20

Training Tool to ensure your cat uses the litter box

Herbal blend’s Earthy air attracts cats, young and old

It only takes sprinkling a coating of our attractant over you cat’s litter to improve litter box training. This safe, herbal blend will be your litter box training salvation.

Cats are naturally attracted to an earthy smell when they look for a spot to eliminate. Our special herbal blend replicates this scent safely and effectively when you sprinkle it over your cat’s litter box.

- Special herbal blend draws cats to the litter box by exuding an earthy smell that isn’t overpowering.
- Simply sprinkle the attractant over the litter as needed.
- Effective tool for kittens and older cats alike.
- Safe for your pets and your family.


Tear open the package. Sprinkle 1/4 of the attractant package on top of the litter. Mix well into the litter and place the litter box in a quiet area with easy access. Remove waste daily. Add more cat litter attractant when you add more litter.