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Daily combing keeps the coat clean of debris, free of tangles, and looking nice by removing loose surface and topcoat hair. Daily brushing keeps the pet’s coat healthy, shiny and smooth by distributing oils across the skin and coat. Dematting will sometimes be a part of the daily brushing routine when mats occur in the pet’s hair. This entire process only takes a few minutes when done regularly.

- Removes small surface mats
- Keeps fur tangle free and debris free
- Rounded pins rotate 360 degrees to remove mats with little tugging
- Designed to follow the natural contours of your pet's body

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Love your pet but not the shedding? That's why FURminator deShedding Tools were invented. Shedding is natural and there's no way to eliminate it. But, there is a better way than constantly vacuuming and scrubbing hair off your floor, furniture, clothing and car seats.

FURminator deShedding Tools can help you reduce the amount of loose hair from shedding! That means less time spent cleaning and more time to spend with your pet. 


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