Skinny Paw Dippin'

Say hello to our brand new self-dog wash, a place where dogs can get clean while having a great time with their hooomans!

Our self-dog wash provides you with a comfortable, safe space that allows you to strengthen your bond with your dog.
Each session costs only $100 with shampoo & conditioner provided while towels are available to purchase at $45 a piece. Simply make your booking below and we look forward to sniffing you!
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Small (Up to 7Kg)
50 mins
Price: $100
Medium (Up to 15Kg)
1.5HR booking
Price: $100
Large (15Kg onwards)
2HR booking
Price: $100
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Thank you for your booking! Your booking will be finalised with a follow up phone call or email.

Terms & Conditions

This booking only permits 1 dog per session. After all, you must give your four legged friend your undivided attention. It's a bath, not a pool pawty!

All confirmations will be done via call or WhatsApp. Booking will be forfeited should we not receive a response after our confirmation. We welcome all dogs regardless of age or size, however, no aggressive or dogs in season will be allowed unfortunately! Also, dogs with flea/ticks infestations must be treated before entering the facility.

Shampoo and conditioner are provided and towels are available for purchase. Have fun!

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