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- 85% Meat | Game | Fish Ingredients
- 15% Fruits | Vegetables | Botanicals
- 0% Grain | Potato | Tapioca | plant Protein Concentrates

Brimming with 38% richly nourishing and a limited 16% low-glycemic carbohydrates, ORIJEN nourishes dogs of all breeds and lifestages according to their evolutionary and biological needs. Unmatched by any other dog food, 2/3 of ORIJEN’s meats are FRESH (refrigerated, no preservatives) or RAW (flash-frozen, no preservatives), including the top 10 meat ingredients. 1/3 of meats are gently dried at 90°C from fresh meats, game and fish to create a concentrated source of richly nourishing protein that cannot be supplied by fresh meats alone. Nutrient-dense WholePrey™ ratios of fresh meat, organs, and cartilage provide virtually every nutrient your dog needs to thrive – only zinc is added. Infusions of freeze-dried liver enhance flavour naturally, making ORIJEN deliciously tasty, even for fussy eaters.

Made with 85% meat ORIJEN features a Biologically Appropriate™ protein level of 40% which closely replicates your dog’s natural diet.

Animal fats are essential for peak health. That’s why ORIJEN TUNDRA is loaded with naturally occurring, non-rendered fats from fresh fish, fowl and game.

Fresh fish (such as Arctic Char, Pilchard and Steelhead trout) are a perfect source of DHA and EPA, essential for your dog’s immune and nervous systems and not available from plant source, such as flax, coconut or sunflower.

Your dog’s natural diet contains few carbohydrates.
That’s why ORIJEN TUNDRA features fresh and low-glycemic fruits and vegetables such as pumpkin and butternut squash. No potato or tapioca here, and at less than 20% carbohydrate, ORIJEN TUNDRA contains less than half the carbohydrates found in conventional dog foods.

ORIJEN’s fresh game, fish and fowl provide a rich and natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, so no synthetic sources are added to ORIJEN foods.


Biologically Appropriate Commitment

Dogs and cats are built like their ancestors, and that's why all of Orijen's recipes are based on five biologically appropriate principles. They start with a variety of unmatched fresh meat inclusions that are rich in protein. Orijen includes whole prey ratios that naturally provide the nutrients your dog needs. Carbs are limited, but there are plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and cleansing botanicals.

Quality, Sustainable Ingredients

Orijen believes you have a right to know where the ingredients in your dog's food come from. From nest-laid eggs and wild northern pike to juicy orchard-grown apples and crisp garden greens, each ingredient is sourced from local producers they know and trust.




Fresh goat (5%), fresh wild boar (5%), fresh venison (5%), fresh arctic char (5%), fresh duck (5%), fresh wild boar liver (5%), fresh duck liver (5%), fresh mutton (4%), fresh steelhead trout (4%), fresh wild boar kidney (4%), mackerel (dehydrated, 4%), fresh whole pilchard (4%), lamb (dehydrated, 4%), mutton (dehydrated, 4%), alaskan cod (dehydrated, 4%), blue whiting (dehydrated, 4%), herring (dehydrated, 4%), whole red lentils, whole green lentils, whole green peas, whole chickpeas, whole yellow peas, whole pinto beans, lentil fiber, duck fat (2%), fresh mutton tripe (1.5%), herring oil (1%), fresh goat heart (1%), fresh goat kidney (1%), fresh goat liver (0.5%), fresh venison liver (0.5%), fresh venison heart (0.5%), fresh mutton liver (0.5%), fresh wild boar heart (0.5%), whole navy beans, freeze-dried goat liver, freeze-dried venison liver, whole pumpkin, whole butternut squash, whole zucchini, whole parsnips, carrots, whole apples, whole bartlett pears, kale, spinach greens, beet greens, turnip greens, brown kelp, whole cranberries, whole blueberries, chicory root, turmeric root, milk thistle, burdock root, lavender, marshmallow root, rosehips, enterococcus faecium.

ADDITIVES (per kg): Nutritional additives: Zinc chelate: 100 mg.




Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min) 40%
Crude Fat (min) 18%
Crude Fiber (max) 9%
Moisture (max) 12%
Calcium (min/max) 1.8%
Phosphorus (min/max) 1.3%
Omega-6 (min) 2.5%
Omega-3 (min) 1%
DHA (min) 0.35%
EPA (min) 0.2%
Glucosamine (min) 600 mg/kg
Chondroitin (min) 800 mg/kg


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