Whiskers N Paws - Adoption Program

WNP Adoption Program

Everyday is adoption day at Whiskers N Paws! This dedicated space is for pets to meet & greet their new families. Come over any day of the week and meet your potential soul-mate.

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About Weruva - Healthy meals made by hand

Founded in 2006, Weruva was named after David and Stacie Forman’s three rescued cats WEbster, RUdi, and VAnessa. Weruva pet foods are made by hand, using ingredients and cuts you recognize when you see them, with recipes dialed-in for feline- and canine-specific dietary needs, and crafted in accordance with the strictest standards. The foods Weruva uses are the same ingredients that actually go into products for people, such as boneless, skinless chicken breast and fish loins hand-flaked off the bone. That's why Weruva's kitchen is certified by by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), one of the world’s leading accredited certification body for brands and consumer protection.

Unifying qualities All Weruva pet foods use hydration-focused foods, with protein as the main source of calories. Using real ingredients you can see in every recipe, they are highly palatable, complete and balanced meals for adult pets.