Mendota Products - Snap Dog Leash BlueMendota Products - Snap Dog Leash Assorted
Mendota Products - Double Braid Dog Collar BeigeMendota Products - Double Braid Dog Collar Beige
Mendota Products - Traffic Dog Leash BrownMendota Products - Traffic Dog Leash Blue
Mendota Products - Check Cords Dog Leash 50 ftMendota Products - Check Cords Dog Leash 30 ft
Mendota Products - Slip Dog Leash BlackMendota Products - Slip Dog Leash Assorted

About Mendota Products - A pet's lifelong companion

Founded and family owned since 1994, Mendota Products has been providing high quality, "made in the USA" gear, health and skincare products. Handcrafted in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Mendota Products's gear line including dog leash and dog collar is as perfect for everyday use as they are for the Show Ring. They are also built to last and accompany your pets throughout their lives.

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