Beef Gullet Free-range, 12"  Extra Thick
Double-Cut Stick, 12"
Low Odor Double-Cut Bully Stick,12"
Double-Cut Low Odor Bully Stick, 6"
Beef Trachea Free-range, 12"
Beef Trachea Free-range, 6"

Barkworthies – A New Class of Dog Chews

Barkworthies create premium product, with no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. Barkworthies began as a brand dedicated to simple nutrition, yet it became so much more. Barkworthies dog chews are start with superior ingredients which sourced naturally from trusted supplier. The premium formulas ensure your dog receives extra nutrition. Barkworthies provide wide variety of treats and chews to support your dogs’ happiness and health for years to come.

Barkworthies’ all-natural chews have the variety dogs need. Giving dogs treats and chews is a great way to distract them from unwanted behaviors. Try a healthy alternative with long-lasting benefits and quality ingredients. Barkworthies’ Bully Sticks are a great way to give dogs a chew they’ll love and are healthy for them too. All of our bully sticks are 100% beef, meaning your dog will digest them, unlike rawhide chews. No bleaches or chemicals are ever used in the manufacturing process.

Shop Barkworthies natural healthy and long-lasting dog chews at Whiskers N Paws.

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