5 Pawsome Ways to Make Working from Home with Your Dog a Success

Stephanie Wan Editorial Date:

Dogs around the world are thrilled that their pawrents are staying at home with them all day! Getting to work from home with your dog may be a dream come true, and perhaps this new working arrangement even prompted some to adopt a new dog or other animals into their family! But the reality of working at home with your dog may be more complicated than you think. They can demand your attention when you need to focus on an important project, or decide that the perfect time to start barking is during your team meeting.

How can we balance work and meeting our dog’s needs? Here are 5 tips to help set you and your dog up for success in working from home!

The modern dog “biscuit” is made from a variety of different ingredients designed to satisfy your dog’s cravings while providing nutrition. Here are our top 5 recommended crunchy biscuits for your furry friend!

1. Schedule dog walks to give them adequate exercise

Schedule dog walks to give them adequate exercise

Since you’re saving time on your daily commute, make sure you’re giving your dog enough exercise every day based on their age and energy level. Go on a nice walk before and after work, and maybe even during lunch time! Getting outside to stretch their legs and going for an enjoyable sniffari will help your dog relax at home. Establish a routine and stick to it. The predictability will help your dog know what’s coming up next on the daily schedule. Check out our collection of pet-safe quick cleaning supplies to keep your dogs and home clean after every walk!

2. Give your dog an independent place to settle

Give your dog an independent place to settle

Although it is tempting to work with your dog snuggled up on your lap, it will be more efficient to set up a place for them to settle down instead. This place can be near your desk or outside of the room. Use gates to separate your work area if necessary. Reward your dog with their favourite treat when they are in their place to let them know that this behaviour is awesome! Give them a long-lasting chew or a toy to play with at their place while you work.


3. Calm your dog with long-lasting dog chews

A good long-lasting chew will help keep your dog occupied and satisfied, perfect for when you are in a meeting with your boss! Barkworthies Bully Sticks are a must-try for dedicated chewers, as these long-lasting chews are all-natural and 100% digestible. Their unique texture helps scrape away plaque and tartar, improving dental health. Smokehouse Piggy Ears Dog Chews are slow roasted for 48h to achieve a natural juicy flavour your dog will love. They are low in fat and preservative free, and meet USDA safety standards. For more casual chewers, try beef trachea, which is not only good for maintaining good dental hygiene, they also contain naturally occurring forms of glucosamine and chondroitin to strengthen mobility and flexibility.

4. Keep your dog active with brain teaser toys

Keep your dog active with brain teaser toys

Puzzle toys are another great activity for dogs. Start off simple and add small amounts of dog dry food or dog treats to a Kong chew toy so that your dog can easily get the food and stay motivated. As they begin to understand the game, pack the Kong more tightly and include some wet dog canned food to increase the challenge. Eventually you can even freeze the Kong to make it more long-lasting. Remember that puzzle toys are not just for keeping your dog quiet and busy. It is more important that they are enriching and fun! If you notice your dog getting frustrated with the toy, help them out and make it a little easier. West Paw Toppl has a wider opening and is a good alternative for dogs who are just learning how to play with food puzzles. Connect a small Toppl to a large one for more variety!

5. Provide him a comfortable dog bed to sleep

Provide him a comfortable dog bed to sleep

If you are hoping your dog will settle in one spot for awhile, placing a comfortable dog bed there will make all the difference! The Topzoo Dodo Cosy Canvas Pet Bed is made from soft material with cushioned sides to maximize comfort. Your dog will love to curl up for a nap in this stylish bed. The exterior is made from water pearl treated fabric to make cleaning easier, and it even comes with a squeaky toy to keep your furry friend entertained. For extra comfort, the Siesta Pillow Pet Bed is a highly resilient, durable bed beneficial for dogs with joint pain or arthritis, and is antibacterial and easy to clean. With the right bed, you won’t even have to ask your dog to settle in their place! Here're also some Dog Bedding Tips to Keep Them Warm in Winter.

Most of us will go back to the office at some point, but for now we can enjoy spending more time with our furry friends. Meeting their needs while setting our own boundaries is the key to creating a successful work-dog balance! Remember to give your pup some alone time so that they learn it is ok when you leave. This will make the transition easier when you go back to the office.

No matter what the future brings, everything will be ok with our furry friends by our side!