Puffed Cheese & Rice Dog Dental Chews


Puffed Cheese & Rice Dog Dental Chews


Dairy products - 35% cottage cheese, rice, organic glycerine from coconut oil, rapeseed oil, organic coconut oil
Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein 39.1%
Crude Ash2.89%
Crude fat 6.4%
Crude Fiber0.4%

Much more than just tooth cleaning. Chewing, salvating and enjoying with this good feeling in your stomachs. From hunting dog up to senior – even with tooth gap all find it heavenly.

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Cottage CheeseGrain Free BuckwheatRiceCoconut OilRapeseed Oil

Dental - Innovative : 
Cheese reduces 80% of bacteria and puts a film on the teeth. So the bacteria can not cling to your teeth hence they become smooth, white and healthy. 
Cheese neutralises 80% of bacteria, stops bad breath and reduces plaque. Reduces the need of Vet visits.
All inside :
Made with : Vitamins, minerals, healthy fatty acids, supplements and essential amino acids.
Each one got a favorite treats :
Healthy dog, happy dog : Their 'Happy Maker' supports the formation of serotonin to boost your dog's happiness and wellbeing.
Only 5 Superfoods : 
Cottage cheese, grain free buckwheat, rice, canola oil, coconut oil and glycerine. Free from cerals, sugar, lactose, gluten and additives.

*also suitable for : allergics, kidney insufficiency, diet, purine low diet
Feeding recommendation :
Chew inactive dogs, gulping dogs, seniors, puppies, even for dogs with dental problems. Please provide water.
Supplementary feed for dogs.


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