5 of the Most Popular Dog Breeds in Hong Kong

Stephanie Wan Editorial Date:

We all know that dogs are super cute and adorable! Perhaps you love the long silky coat of Golden Retrievers, or the flat-nosed look of Frenchies. But how much do you know about their breed histories and their typical personality traits? Which breed is right for your lifestyle?

Let’s take a look at 5 of the most popular dog breeds in Hong Kong.

1. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever sitting


Golden Retrievers are very active and playful dogs. They’re known for their friendly temperament, sociability, and intelligence! They make great family dogs and are eager to please humans. They were originally bred for helping hunters retrieve the game that they shoot, so they have an instinctive love for running, chasing, digging, and of course retrieving! Your Golden Retriever will love playing fetch with the Kong Squeezz Ball, a tough chewing ball that makes squeaky noises that dogs can’t get enough of. It’s perfect for keeping them active and satisfied!

Goldens love the outdoors, so you’ll have plenty of reasons to take them to the park, hiking, or swimming. This 30-foot Mendota leash gives your dog freedom to explore whilst still being able to keep them safe. Made with a waterproof, long lasting, and multi-filament polypropylene rope, this leash is super durable while being soft on your hands. Just like Golden Retrievers, this leash is great on land and in water! Here're more tips for Choosing the Right Harness for your Dog.

A Golden Retriever’s big floppy ears paired with their thick fur makes it easy for them to get ear infections. Keep their ears clean by washing them regularly, and dry them thoroughly after bathing and swimming by using a soft towel to wipe down the inside of their ears. Vet's Best Ear Relief Wash & Dry Pack contain a two step ear cleaning formula to help control odour, itching, and discomfort. Use the Ear Relief Wash to clean their ears, then apply the Ear Relief Dry, which turns into a powder and protects your dog’s ears.

2. Shiba Inu

Black shiba inu


Shiba Inus originate from Japan, where they were bred for hunting small animals such as birds and rabbits. Shibas are extremely athletic, agile, and active and can have a strong prey drive, meaning they have a strong instinct to chase small animals. They will love going on hikes, but are typically not a big fan of water. Shibas are often described as in that they are independent, resilient, and naturally clean. They love to groom themselves and are easy to potty train. Be prepared for the infamous “shiba scream”, a high pitched scream that shibas emit when they are excited or angry.

Shiba Inus are very intelligent dogs and it’s important to exercise both their minds and their bodies in order to meet their needs and prevent unwanted behaviours. Introduce your shiba to the Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado, a great toy for active dogs seeking to release some pent up energy. Spinning compartments can hold your dog’s favourite wet or dry food, keeping your dog engaged and presenting them with a fun and challenging way to play. Cover up some of the compartments to increase the difficulty! Nina Ottosson puzzle toys are great for stimulating your dog’s brain, and are suitable for every dog, from beginners to advanced puzzle solvers.

Shibas possess a thick undercoat, which is shed twice a year in the spring and fall. Shiba pawrents often joke that each shedding season lasts 6 months! In other words, shibas shed A LOT all year round. Brush them regularly with a Furminator to remove excess fur. This brush is recommended for all double-coated breeds to reduce unwanted shedding around the house. Here's why we need to choose different types of dog brushes for different types of dogs.

3. French Bulldog

French Bulldog


French Bulldogs, popularly known as Frenchies, are companion dogsand form strong bonds with their humans. They’re very affectionate, amicable, and well-tempered. Because of how much they love their humans, they do not like to be left alone and can develop separation anxiety. Give them a fun dog chew toy to play with when you leave the house so that they have something to take their mind off of you, and make positive associations with being left alone.

Flat-faced dogs like Frenchies suffer from breathing problems, due to their unnaturally short muzzles. Their facial structure makes it difficult for them to get oxygen into their lungs, leading to their signature loud breathing and snoring, but in severe cases it can lead to suffocation. Use a harness instead of a collar to walk your flat-faced dog to reduce pressure on their airways.

Difficulty breathing and panting also means that Frenchies can overheat very easily, which is a particular concern in hot and humid Hong Kong. It’s best to stick with early morning and late night walks. A Ruffwear Jet Stream Cooling Vest can also help your dog stay cool. Its back panel reflects heat and acts as shade, while the three-layer evaporative cooling chest panel disperses heat from your dog’s body. To activate, simply soak the vest in water and wring it out. Put in on your dog and you’re ready for adventure!

4. Toy Poodle

toy poodle


Toy Poodles are not toys at all! They are highly intelligent dogs that require lots of exercise and mental stimulation. The original Standard Poodles were bred to retrieve hunted game from the water, and later became circus performers due to their smart nature and ability to learn fun tricks. Eventually Standard Poodles were bred down to a smaller size, forming Miniature Poodles and the even smaller Toy Poodles. Keep your poodle’s brain sharp with interactive toys like the Zippy Paws Puzzler Dog Toy, a 3-in-1 toy with different difficulty levels to challenge your pup. Also pick up a clicker and training treats and see what sorts of amazing tricks you can teach your poodle!

Poodles are active dogs who love hiking and swimming, and will be great adventure buddies. Although they are very athletic, you can never be too safe in the water, and a proper life jacket will give you peace of mind on your aqua adventures. 

5. Multi-breeds (Tong Gau)



Last but not least, our personal favourite is the multi-breeds, mixed breeds, or tong gau. These dogs don’t have a fancy name but they are still loyal, sweet, and lovable. Tong gau are descendents of the first domesticated dogs, making them a breed with a long and ancient history. Being mixed breeds, tong gau come in all sizes and colours and are much less likely to suffer from specifichealth issues that can be found in some pure breds. 

Many tong gau’s in Hong Kong are rescued from the streets and find homes through adoption agencies,  becoming beloved family members.

If you’ve decided to add a dog to your family, be sure to check out your local rescue groups and look at all the ones waiting for a home. All types of breeds are available, and you’ll be able to get information about each dog’s personality before you bring them home. Supporting pet adoption is just one way Whiskers N Paws is committed to leaving a positive paw print. Come to our Puppy Adoption Day every Sunday from 2-4pm! Be prepared to fall in love.

Whiskers N Paws has all the dog supplies you need to help you raise a happy and healthy dog. Visit us in-store or online for all your healthy pet care needs!