Going Grain-Free: Our Top 4 Recommended Brands!

Stephanie Wan Editorial Date:

As pet parents, we know you’re always looking for healthy food options for your dog. Grain-free dog food has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, but what is it, and does it live up to the hype? Should your dog go grain-free?

Grain-free dog food is free from ingredients such as wheat, corn, and rice, and contains more meat and vegetables instead. This more closely resembles dogs’ natural diets, and is easier for them to digest. For dogs with grain or gluten allergies, going grain-free reduces allergy symptoms like itching, dry skin, and diarrhoea.

But even if your dog does not have allergies, switching to a grain-free diet provides other benefits. Grain-free dog food with high quality protein sources from meat gives your dogs more energy, and does not contain fillers that are low in nutrition. Senior dogs in particular benefit from high protein diets, as it helps maintain their muscle mass. Meats also provide omega-3 fatty acids that improve skin and coat. The lack of fillers means that grain-free dog food is filled with wholesome goodness, helping your dog feel satiated, preventing overeating, and helping them maintain their ideal weight.

A grain-free diet is suitable for dogs of all ages, sizes and activity levels. As always, remember to mix any new dog food with your pup’s old food and slowly increase the ratio of new to old food in order to avoid tummy upsets.

If you’re thinking of switching your dog over to grain-free, here are top 4 brands that we love!

1. Carna4

Carna4 dog food is made from 100% true food, with all natural and synthetic-free ingredients. You’ll know because you will be able to pronounce the name of every ingredient on their label! They use sprouted seeds to provide naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and probiotics, so they don’t need to add any synthetic additives and preservatives, not even vitamins and mineral mixes. The result is dog food with excellent nutritional value made with natural and pure food ingredients.

2. Open Farm

Open Farm believes in leaving a positive paw printdoes by only using sustainably sourced and raised whole ingredients. This brand cares about what they put in our dogs’ food bowls and how it will affect our environment and wildlife. Their products are made with human- grade meats raised without antibiotics or growth hormones and non-GMO fruits and vegetables.

3. Stella & Chewy's

Stella & Chewy’s are passionate about providing the best for pets with responsibly sourced animal proteins and organic fruits and vegetables. Their grain-free kibble is baked, not extruded, which allows for a lower cooking temperature to preserve important nutrients. The bites will also be softer and easier for your furry friends to chew. Stella & Chewy’s provides a complete and balanced diet for your pets!

4. Ziwi Peak

Ziwi Peak offers the convenience of dry food, only tastier and healthier! Their air-dried dog food, preserves the delicious nutrients of raw ingredients while removing bacteria and pathogens. Their formulas are rich in protein and packed with 96% meat. Your dogs will love the taste of this flavourful kibble that works as a treat, topper, or complete and balanced meal.

For dogs who are not allergic to grains and gluten, there’s plenty to love about wholesome grains as well! Visit Whiskers N Paws for more healthy options for your dogs. Our products are hand-picked with care, because we are fur parents too.