4 Types of Dog Treats They'll LOVE

Stephanie Wan Editorial Date:

Who doesn't love a treat? Whether it’s during training, enrichment games, or just because they deserve it, we love rewarding our dogs with a healthy and delicious treat. You are sure to find something your dog will love at Whiskers N Paws! Check out some of our favourites below.

1. Durable Chews

Dogs love to chew and it’s a completely natural and normal behaviour! Giving them something delicious to satisfy their chewing needs will keep your possessions safe from curious canine teeth. Chewing relieves boredom, stress, and anxiety, so your dog will love a durable and natural chew that they can spend hours on!

Barkworthies Bully Sticks are long-lasting chews that are also highly digestible. They are made from a single ingredient that is great for dogs with food sensitivities, and the unique texture helps support healthy teeth and gums. Beasty Beef Tendons are a freeze-dried chew, made with human quality standards and a great source of protein your dog will love. Dear Deer Antlers are natural chews that are rich in calcium, and made from free-range, grass-fed deer from New Zealand without added antibiotics or hormones.

A good chew is also good for your dog's dental health by helping maintain stronger, healthier teeth and will provide your dog with hours of entertainment. Always supervise your dog when giving them a chew, and make sure fresh water is available for them.

2. Training Treats

Using treats in training is a great way to communicate to your dog about what behaviours you like! The best training treats are bite sized and easy to chew, so that your dog can get right back into learning. Most importantly your dog will love the delicious flavours and be excited for each training session!

Sojos Simply turkey treats are freeze-dried and contain all the natural goodness of raw meat without artificial preservatives, flavours, or colours. Stella & Chewy's Wild Weenies is another favourite, a high quality treat made from 97% muscle and organ meat. They do not crumble when breaking into smaller pieces, making them great for training. For an affordable training treat, try Cloudstar Tricky Trainers. They are low in fat and calories, available in soft, bite-size pieces. Perfect for puppies and seniors!

To prevent overfeeding, portion out your training treats for each day and train in short sessions. Have fun, and reward your dog!


3. Freeze-dried dog treats

Dogs love freeze-dried treats because they contain the delicious flavour of raw meats, and pawrents love them due to the high nutritional benefits and long shelf life. No heat is applied during their preparation process, allowing all the natural proteins, vitamins, and minerals to be preserved. You don't need to feel guilty about spoiling your dog with freeze-dried treats!

Beasty Organ Bites aim to imitate a natural wild diet, where the entire animal including organs are consumed. They're made with human quality, non-GMO and hormone free ingredients.

Smallbatch Lamb Hearts are made from meats that are free-range, pasture-raised and free of hormones and antibiotics. Lamb hearts are rich and nutritious, high in protein, and great for muscles and brain development. You can also choose from Beef, Chicken, and Turkey Hearts.

Stewart Beef Liver is a popular choice amongst WNP customers and we receive great feedback! This single ingredient treat does not contain additives or preservatives, only the palatable flavour and nutrition of raw liver.

4. Low Fat Dog Treats

For those with furry friends who are watching their weight, try these low-fat treats to give them a little joy without worrying about the calories. Purebites Chicken Breast are made from 100% freeze-dried chicken breast, high in protein with less than 9 calories per treat! Northwest Naturals Whitefish and Whole Life Pure Cod Fillet are freeze-dried fishy treats made from a single ingredient that you can break into small pieces or crumble on top of your dog’s food. For a healthy chew, consider Earth Animal’s No-Hide Chicken Stix, a long-lasting, 100% digestible chew your dog will love.

Everything is best in moderation, so keep track of how many treats your furry friend is getting every day and avoid feeding too many! Make sure they have access to fresh water and always supervise them when you give an edible chew. Happy treating!