Run, Jump, Fetch! Toys that your dog will love to chase

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Fetch is probably one of the first games that comes to mind when people think about playing with their dog. You throw a toy and your dog chases happily after it and brings it back to you! It’s fun, interactive, and a great way for your dog to burn off some energy.

Safety First - Choose fun and safe dog toys

Playing fetch is a physically demanding exercise, so before you head out to the local park, make sure to evaluate your dog’s age and fitness level. Alternate between games of fetch and other activities that exercise the brain rather than the body. Jumping up to catch toys looks very impressive, but it puts a strain on your dog’s joints, especially if they twist in the air or land on their hind legs. If you have an older dog, throw the toy low on the ground instead. With summer coming up, Beware of heat stroke with summer coming up and give your dog a break if you think they are over exerting themselves.

Some dogs are picky about their toys, while others will chase any random stick. However, the sticks and branches we find in nature can be quite dangerous to play with, and can cause splinters or serious puncture injuries. If your dog loves to fetch, here are some fun and safe toys for them to enjoy with you!

Pebble the Poodle chasing after a mini Kong Squeakair Ball
Pebble the Poodle chasing after a mini Kong Squeakair Ball

The Tennis Ball with a Twist 

Is there anything more classic than a dog playing fetch with the handy-dandy tennis ball? The Kong Airdog Squeakair Ball is made from durable tennis ball material, but with a special non-abrasive felt covering that will not damage your dog’s teeth. Each ball also has a squeaker inside, perfect for getting your dog’s attention to start the game, or for getting them to look at the camera! Whether you have a Yorkie or a German Shepherd, the Squeakair Ball has you covered, with 4 different sizes ranging from mini to large. To avoid choking hazards, choose a ball that is too big for your dog to swallow, but small enough for them to hold comfortably in their mouth.

Up the Speed

Although it may seem like your dog is doing all the exercise in a game of fetch, repeatedly throwing a ball can lead to shoulder and elbow injuries for the human. Using the Chuckit Pro Launcher can help you throw balls farther and faster, without sacrificing your muscles. You won’t even have to bend over to pick up the ball, and can keep your hands clean if the ball rolls in the mud.

To give your arm even more rest, try the Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster, which can shoot balls up to 15 metres away! This is perfect for dogs who love to chase their toys at high speed. It also includes a handsfree way to pick up the ball so you can quickly send it flying again.

Disc Dog

Catching Frisbees is so popular that it’s an official dog sport! Competitions are held around the world every year and dogs compete in events including short distance and long distance fetch. Whether your dog is a professional or a beginner, the Westpaw Zisc is an excellent choice. They come in 4 different colours and 2 sizes, and are made from an eco-friendly material called Zogoflex that is durable while being soft on your dog’s jaws. Zogoflex is BPA-Free, Latex Free and FDA Compliant, and 100% recyclable! Not only will they soar through the air, but they’ll also bounce and float, making the game even more exciting. When you’re done playing, just pop it in the dishwasher to clean it off. For smaller dogs, you can choose the Aspen Soft Bite Floppy Disc, which is even softer and designed especially for small dogs. 

West Paw’s Zisc is soft enough to chew on, but can still soar through the air
West Paw’s Zisc is soft enough to chew on, but can still soar through the air

New to the Game

You may think that all dogs naturally know how to fetch, but in reality it’s a skill that needs to be taught. The first step is finding a toy that your dog loves to hold in their mouths. The Company of Animals Clix Training Dumbbell is designed for retrieval training. It is easy for dogs to hold, and has an added weight that will help them gain more strength.Soft toys can be used to teach fetch as well. Once your dog is comfortable picking up, holding, and dropping the toy, you can start throwing it a small distance away to teach them to bring it back to you.

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