Whiskers N Paws X OH! You Made My Day Workshop in appreciation of Foster pawrents!

Wilson Lam Editorial Date:

Whiskers N Paws has been supporting animal adoption since 2008.


Moving beyond adoption, fostering plays a big part and we wanted to send an appreciation note and message to Foster pawrents for their continued support to #rescueadoptwithlove.


Foster pawrents plays a significant role in animal rescue, they help introduce rescued animals in household environment, teaching them proper behavioural traits and socialisation, in turn, preparing the furkids for adoption.


Recently, we invited Foster pawrents from HKDR & LAP to participate in a Foster appreciation workshop, where local illustrator Elvis Kwok from OH! You Made My Day showed and assisted the participants in capturing their foster furkids’ characteristics with Chinese paint brushes. Paying extra attention to details and with daily observation of their fostering furkids, each participant created an one-of-a-kind adoption profile picture in support of finding a new fur-ever home for them!


Below are the wonderful creations and descriptions of the furkids in need of a fur-ever home. If you are interested in giving these furkids a fur-ever home, please get in touch for more information.


Foster Friends Profile:


Name: Jaya
Age: 16 months
Gender: F
Character: Funny, friendly, and likes to observe you through reflective surfaces
Contact: LAP
Name: Francine
Age: 2 years old
Gender: F
Character: Friendly, sweet and loyal
Name: Jamie
Age: 13+ years old
Gender: M
Character: Sensitive and protective
Contact: HKDR
Whiskers N Paws X OH! You Made My Day WorkshopWhiskers N Paws X OH! You Made My Day Workshop
Name: Zippy
Age: 8 months
Gender: M
Character: Relatively calm, loves treats, and likes playing with other dogs
Contact: HKDR
Whiskers N Paws X OH! You Made My Day WorkshopWhiskers N Paws X OH! You Made My Day Workshop
Name: Coffee
Age: 13 years old
Gender: F
Character: Outgoing, cheeky and energetic
Contact: HKDR

OH! You Made My Day’s Pets Poet Elvis Kwok


Hong Kong pets illustrator & Poet. During his study at the HK Polytechnic University, he had the opportunity to encounter Japanese calligraphy, which inspired him to have great passion and interest in brush painting. Since then he started to practise Chinese paint brush painting & calligraphy (工筆), which becomes one of his profession and speciality. “Oh! You made my day" specialises in live drawing & painting pets, dogs, cats, rabbits. Different workshops are set up cater to different ages and purposes of customer. He loves to participate in exhibition & charity events to help raise funds and alert the community to take part in support to the dogs & cats which need help as an appreciation for all the volunteers, workers who generously give their time, effort and donations to the charities.