Vet's Best

Urinary Tract Support Tablet, 60 tablet


Active Ingredients per Chewable Tablet: 
Cranberry (dried) - 50mg, Ascorbic Acid - 0.25mg, Parsley ( Petroselinium Sativum) - 0.5mg, Corn Silk (Zea Mays) - 0.5mg, Uva Ursi (Arcostaphylosurva-Ursi) - 5mg, Couch Grass Root - 5mg, Slippery Elm - 5mg, Butcher's Broom - 5mg, Marshmallow Root - 5mg, Horsetail - 0.5mg

Inactive Ingredients:

Chicken (Dried), Liver (Defatted Pork), Natural Flavorings, Stearic Acid and Yeast (Torula).


Urinary Tract Support
by Vet's Best

This soothing mix of Cranberry, Parsley and Horsetail was carefully formulated to support your cat’s healthy urinary tract. This is a urinary tract assistant for cats, it helps support normal, healthy urinary tract function. Contains real cranberry that helps maintain a cat's urine at a normal, healthy acidic and free-flowing level.



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