Bass Brushes

Soft Boar Bristle Oval Brush A-1, Medium


About Bamboo

These brushes are truly a green product. They feature bamboo frames, and bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources and environmentally sound plants on Earth. Due to its rapid re-growth cycle and 25% higher yield than timber, it can be harvested with little impact on the environment. Furthermore, it can be grown in soil damaged by overgrazing or poor agricultural methods.
Using your Wire/Boar Pet Groomer Brush

As you brush your pet's coat with Wire/Boar Pet Groomer, the outer layer of steel pin tufts gently yet thoroughly detangles the coat, removes larger particles, and provides a gentle massage effect. Next, the middle layer of pure boar bristles conditions the hair by distributing natural oils, leaving a healthy shine and a protective layer over your pet's coat. Recommended for use on dry coats only.


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