Dog Gone Smart

Rectangle Bed, Color Grey, XLarge


Dog Gone Smart rectangle beds are generously filled with hypoallergenic soft hollow-core slick fiber fill. This high-quality fill allows dogs to nest which they love to do, but bounces back to a high loft when they leave! Our unique silicon-coated polyfill  eliminates any lumping or unevenness to the bed. Wow, now that's something to bark about!

*The inside fill and liner should not be washed, but can be shaken out and aired to maintain cleanliness.
- Their rectangle beds use Repelz-It Nanoprotection to resist most doggie messes-dirt, stains, bacteria and pet odors don't stand a chance!
- 100% cotton canvas fabric-extremely durable/heavy-weight canvas stands up to your dog's everyday wear and tear
- Classic Design with Ecru piping accents any style
- Removable covers for easy washing-hidden zipper pocket keeps dogs from chewing at the zipper

Rectangle Bed Sizes : 

Medium26"x34"for dogs up to 55lbs
Large30"x40"for dogs up to 80lbs
XLarge36"x48"for dogs 80+ lbs



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