Nutri-Cal for Dogs, 4.25oz


- Protein 
- Energy
- Calories
- Omega 3, 6 & 9

Tomlyn Nutri-Cal for Dogs is a high calorie nutritional supplement loaded with vitamins and minerals. This gel contains quality nutrition for picky eaters, dogs who are "off food" or dogs who require an additional source pf energy. Nutri-Cal is a great tasting gel that is easy to administer to your dog for a boost of supplemental nutrition any time. 
- Boosts appetite! Irresistible taste that is ideal for choosy eaters and pets that are off food
- Palatable dietary supplement in a great tasting gel
- Great for picky eaters
- Great for active animals-hunting or working dogs or animals that need extra vitamins added to their diet
- Concentrated source of vitamins, minerals & energy

To acquaint your pet with the flavor, place a small amount of gel on its nose or in the mouth. To supplement your pet’s caloric or nutritional intake: 1 1/2 tsp per 10 pounds of body weight daily. When your pet is not eating its full ration: 3 tsp (1 tbsp) per 10 pounds of body weight daily.


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