Nerf Dog

Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster, Medium


Turn exercise time into the best fun you’ve ever had with this fantastic Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster.
This robust blaster shoots the supplied tennis ball a whopping 50 feet, which should give your canine friend plenty of activity as they chase it down time after time.
- Spring loaded action
- Robust construction
- Lightweight
- Comes with one tennis ball
- Pick up function
- Hand friendly
- Not suitble for children aged under 14 years
So, whether you want to create some high octane games with your dog, or need to exercise them without tiring yourself out, this Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster will make sure they will have a ball. And don’t worry about bending down to pick up the ball once they bring it back to you, as this ingenious toy picks up the ball hands free – just press the end of the blaster over the tennis ball. When it’s time to stop, simply slot the ball into the holder on the blaster, freeing up your hands as you both head home, tired and happy.
Length : 50cm
Accessories : 1 x Nerf Tennis Ball



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