Almo Nature

Light Skipjack Tuna, 50g, Count: 3 cans


Skipjack Tuna
Skipjack Tuna 50%, Fish Broth 47%, Rice 3%. Raw Proteins 16%, Raw Fibres 1%, Raw Fats 0.5%, Raw Ashes 3%, Moisture 82%. 602 kcal/kg
Chicken Breast
Chicken breast 50%, chicken broth 47%, rice 3%, raw proteins 17%, raw fibres 1%, raw fats 0.4%, raw ashes 3%, moisture 81%. 629 kcal/kg 
Bonito Tuna

Bonito tuna 50%, fish broth 47%, rice 3% moisture 82%, raw protein 16%, raw fat 0,5%, raw ash 3%, raw fiber 1%, caloric energy 602 kcal/kg 
Chicken & Tuna

Chicken breast 25%, eastern little tuna (euthynnus affinis) 25%, chicken broth 47%, rice 3%, raw proteins 17%, raw fibres 1%, raw fats 0.5%, raw ashes 3%, moisture 81%. 637 kcal/kg

Almo Nature Light Canned is low fat and calories, it is ideal for weight control and overweight cats. Almo Nature Light is also great for integrating the feeding regime of sterilized cats and seniors, because it's rich in water with a low mineral content.
- 100% pure ingredients
- 50% meat or fish content
- Naturally rich in vitamins and proteins
- All the benefits of natural wet food: natural hydration and noble nutrients.
- Light recipes: prepared with particularly lean meats are ideal for overweight or elderly cats.
- Free from chemical additives, preservatives, palatants or colorants.
- Gluten free meal.
- *Almo Nature chooses to use as pet food in this recipe, meats and rice that originally came from human food chain.



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