K9 Sport Sack

K9 Sport Sack Flex, Color Blue, Xsmall

$1,200 saved $120

Hello fellow dog lover!  They created the K9 Sport Sack so we never had to leave our dog behind no matter the occasion or activity and you shouldn’t have to either.  The AIR was meticulously developed by dog owners to be lightweight, safe and comfortable.  Now you can explore, travel, have fun and grow closer to your pet more than ever before.
Hiking | Cycling | Commuting | Camping | Shopping | Traveling | Any adventure you can think of!
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How to Measure?

How to Get Your Dog into the K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier Backpack Safely

**Based on veterinarian feedback we recommend that dogs not stay in the bag for any more than 45 continuous minutes. Although your dog may protest, he/she should have 15 minutes out of the bag for every 45 minutes in the bag.**

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