Big Dog - Freeze Dried

Freeze Dried Chicken Big Bites, 490g


Chicken, grated chicken bone and chicken cartilage, beef heart and sheep heart, beef liver and goat liver, beef kidney and sheep kidney, raw fresh fish (salmon and sardine), seasonal fruits and vegetables and herbs (Kale, Spinach, broccoli, cabbage, leeks, carrots, celery, red cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, bell pepper, apple, orange, pear, tomato, strawberry, ginger, artichoke), wheat Grass, cold pressed ground flaxseed, original egg, coconut oil, seaweed powder, turmeric, active probiotics and beneficial bacteria, garlic

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein 44%
Fat 42%
Fibre (max)1%
Calcium 0.8%
Phosphorus 0.5%
Calcium : Phophorus Ratio 1:0.6
Ash 2.4%


Protein 12.5%
Fat 12
Fibre (max)1%
Calcium 0.8%
Phosphorus 0.9%
Calcium : Phophorus Ratio 1:0.6
Ash 2.4%

kJ/100g = 790. kJ/serve (28g) = 221

Freeze drying is the best way to lock in the nutrients found in fresh raw food. Unlike air drying which is a slower process, freeze drying instantly freezes the product, removing 65% of the moisture whilst locking in the nutrients in the food. This allows nutrients to survive until the food is rehydrated.
Feeding Guide
Treats / Topper
If using Big Dog Big Bites as treats, integrate into your dog's diet taking their total energy requirements into account.
If using Big Dog Big Bites as your dog's Primary soure of nutrition, feed 1 Big Bite per kg of body weight daily.
To hydrate Big Dog Freeze Dried Big Bites into healthy raw food simply ass room-temperature water to the Bites, crumble and mix.For each BIg Bite add 20ml of water to reconstitue (a metric tablespoon is approx. 15ml).
When using as treats or not rehydrating frreze dried food, remember to have plenty of fresh drinking water available for your dog.
Meal Guide:

1kg1 Big Bite
5kg5 Big Bites
10kg10 Big Bites


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